Henk Miedema

NameHenk Miedema
User Nameadriaan
Location harderwijk /gelderland, Netherlands
Local Time6:49 PM
AccountFull Member
Date RegisteredFriday, April 1, 2016
Last MoveFriday, October 30, 2020
Moves46,597 (548 this month)
Forum Posts451 (14 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)861 (69)
Rating (Chess960)831 (108)
Class TournamentsCT Class 5
TeamICCF Rated International Friendly Matches
TeamInternational Chess Friends
TeamSchemingMind International Chess960 Matches
TeamTranslation Group
ICCF Rating766


former sport was   soccer and motorracing what i do also is makin music, the raiting is still , lowe lel, but that does not bather me at all, nower days a walk again a bit, but i stay on playing chess, for the luck of it. im not a strong player, but i like it, also some variants are fun to play, i possible, try also a variant
,scheming Mind got 40 kinds of chesplay forms. ferry nice.

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