Captain wight knight
Date StartedWednesday, November 13, 2013
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Nine
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Ten
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Eleven
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Twelve
LeagueChess960 League - Season Eight
MembershipThis team is public, anyone can join
Standard ChessThis team will accept Standard Chess challenges
Chess960This team will accept Chess960 challenges

Team Description

Formed from the ashes of another team to promote friendship and healthy competition.

Initially started with 3 people with membership growing during our 7 years existence.

We have 29 members at present of which 21play in regular league and friendly games with 8 currently inactive.

Our members come from 12 different countries.

So if anyone wishes to join we are ready to welcome you no matter what your rating.

We competed in Division 5 for Season 11 and finished the season as Champions gaining promotion to the next level.

This means that we have entered 2 teams in League Season12.

The A team are playing in Division 3 with the B team playing in Division 4.

We will be playing a little 960 for players who wish to, (currently 7).

We have entered the 960 League in Division 2 for Season 8.

We also run Invitational Tournaments for players rated Under 1400 , Under 1300 and Under 1200 , so all rating strengths are catered for.

However we mainly play for the enjoyment and comerardery.

Go knightworm78.

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