Captain wight knight
Date StartedWednesday, November 13, 2013
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Nine
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Ten
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Eleven
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Twelve
LeagueChess960 League - Season Eight
LeagueStanley Random Chess League XII
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Thirteen
MembershipThis team is public, anyone can join
Standard ChessThis team will accept Standard Chess challenges
Chess960This team will accept Chess960 challenges

Team Description

A warm welcome to knightworm78 and we hope you are going to join our happy group.

Initially started with 3 people our membership fluctuating during our 7 years existence. Currently standing at 23.

We competed in Division 5 for Season 11 and finished the season as Champions gaining promotion to the next level.

This means that we have entered 2 teams in League Season12.

The A team are playing in Division 3 with the B team playing in Division 4.

We have entered the 960 League in Division 2 for Season 8.

Recently we entered Season X11 for Stanley Random Chess in Section One.

We also run Invitational Tournaments for players rated Under 1400 , Under 1300 and Under 1200 , so all rating strengths are catered for.

However we mainly play for the enjoyment and comerardery. 

So please come and join us.

Go knightworm78.

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