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Introduction respects each individual's right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our Web site only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at

Information collected from all visitors to

When you visit, we automatically collect information about your visit that does not identify you personally. We can tell the type of computer, browser, and Web service you are using. We also know the date and time of your visit, which pages you visited and the site which referred you.

Information collected from registered members of collects information on members' email addresses and on the IP address used by each member when they sign on. These are the only personally identifying data which are required by and are regarded as confidential. Any additional information offered by members (for example in the 'biography' section) is submitted voluntarily and with the understanding that this information will be available to other site members and guests.

It is possible that chess tournaments will be arranged which require players to reveal personal details, such as their real names or identities within other correspondence chess organisations. Entry into such tournaments will be optional.

Only the site administrator and trusted moderators have unrestricted access to all recorded personally identifying information.

Members have the option of revealing their email address to other members or guests. uses third party agencies to collect membership subscriptions and other payments. No information about members' credit cards, etc. is held by

Email addresses, or other personal information, will not be divulged to a third party with the following exceptions;

  1. information about IP addresses and/or email addresses will be passed on to the relevant internet service providor in the case of an abuse complaint
  2. information will be passed on the police or other relevent agencies if required to do so by law, or if there is evidence that an illegal activity has occured and that this information would assist the police.

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file that our server places on a your computer's hard drive to allow us to keep track of the way you use the site. uses cookies to identify site users and to maintain some user preferences; cookies are also used to track new referrals to the site and site usage patterns.

Children does not knowingly collect personally identifying information about children under the age of thirteen. Children are allowed to use the site under supervision, but must use an email address which is primarily owned by a responsible adult to register an account. If we discover that we have inadvertently collected information from a person under the age of 13, we will delete it immediately.

ICCF Password

We may ask you for your ICCF password so that we can retrieve your ICCF games from the ICCF server and allow you to play these games directly from SchemingMind. This is entirely optional and will not affect your access to local games played on SchemingMind.

In order to retrieve your ICCF games, it is currently neccessary for us to save your password in our database. We will do this in an encrypted form, we will never give your password to anyone else, and we will never use your password for anything except the above two purposes. Your ICCF password will never been viewed by a human being.

Of course, if we were malicious, we could use this information to log onto your ICCF account; we will never do this, however we appreciate that there are bad guys out there, and you have no reason to trust us any more than anyone else.

Please do not enter your ICCF password unless you trust us, doing so implies that you understand these conditions and that you will never hold us responsible for any problems with your account on the ICCF server.

You can remove your ICCF password from our database at any time.

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