Captain Brian Acebo
Date StartedTuesday, May 6, 2008
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Five
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Six
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Seven
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Eight
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Nine
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Ten
MembershipThis team is public, anyone can join
Standard ChessThis team will accept Standard Chess challenges

Team Description

Any Schemingmind member who is also a CCLA (Correspondence Chess League of America) member is eligible to play on the CCLA team.

CCLA is a 100 year old correspondence chess organization. Our first organized tournaments occured in 1909. Those interested in CCLA's history will enjoy Bryce Avery's book "Correspondence Chess in America."

We welcome all USA-based Schemingmind members to visit our website and join our organization. CCLA offers full postal, e-mail and server organized tournaments. We publish a quarterly award-winning chess magazine that features club news and member games. CCLA is an affiliate of the ICCF, the official body responsible for overseeing the rules and organzation of correspondence chess.

Our friendship with Schemingmind is deeply rooted and we're honored to have a chance to participate in this team tournament. Good chess and good luck to our members and our friends on the other teams!

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