User NameShanks
Location Worcestershire, England
Local Time6:20 PM
Date RegisteredWednesday, December 6, 2006
Last MoveThursday, August 10, 2023
Moves72,328 (0 this month)
Forum Posts10 (0 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)1125 (105)
Rating (Chess960)1059 (164)
Class TournamentsCT Class 5


I am a 71 years old pensioner who enjoys playing chess, to me its the best game that was ever invented, having played chess by post, and am still doing so, but not so much now, I find that is the best club that I have ever joined, and I have been in a few over the last 34 years of playing chess. fullfills all my desires to play different openings and make new friends from across the world.

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