Phillip Beckett

NamePhillip Beckett
User Namefast phill
Location Church Laneham, England
Local Time5:23 PM
AccountFull Member
Date RegisteredFriday, September 12, 2008
Last MoveWednesday, February 21, 2024
Moves267,584 (812 this month)
Forum Posts1,010 (0 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)1499 (52)
Rating (Chess960)1310 (141)
Class TournamentsCT Class 4
TeamGrantham Kings
TeamICCF Rated International Friendly Matches
TeamLeague Management Team
TeamMatch Captain's Forum
TeamProof by Induction
TeamSchemingMind Club Friendly Matches
TeamSheffield chess association
TeamThe Hounds of SchemingMind
TeamThe Power of K
TeamWill's Wonders
ICCF Rating1803


Hi Guys please be aware that I play most of my games quite fast when they are individual. If I play in a team I play much more slowly and seriously England International Secretary Member of EFCC executive Member of BCCA executive ICCF IA SM match captain Fngland Chess960 captain Member of ECF general committee Manager schools chess FIDE Arbiter ECF Arbiter ECF grader

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