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International Correspondence Chess Federation
Valer Vasile Demian Memorial (ROU)
has been uploaded on the server on 2020-11-25
Opening Master 'Black Friday' deal on
Final of the 12th Ladies World Correspondence Chess Championship
ICCF Definitions and Acronyms
new document
ICCF Historical Videos
courtesy of Claudio Concalves
Third States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship
The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation Announces the Third States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship
VV Demian Memorial
- registration is closed
RIP Nol van ´t Riet
It is with sadness that I will let you know that our chessfriend, „member of the Hall in Fame“, Honorary member of the NBC and the ICCF, Nol van t Riet has passed away last week.
Announcement for DE 15th Webserver Anniversary Tournament (DE15A)
The ICCF Congress in 2020 decided that following the incredible popularity of DE5A and DE10A, DE15A would be held to celebrate 15 years since the start of the Direct Entry Programme. Working in collaboration with ICCF, the Non-Title Tournament Commissioner, IM Jörg Kracht, IA (GER), will organise the DE15A.
The 7th School International Chess Event 2020/21 launched
with the participation of 5 schools from Greece, Spain, Mexico and Poland
Zone 1 versus World Zone 2020
historic match
World Cup 21 comes to an end
– the winner is GM Matthias Gleichmann (GER) & the silver medalist SIM Wojciech Krzyżanowski (POL)!
I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles (CUB)
Main closing date for entries 5/10/20
11th Ladies World Championship final
New Ladies World Champion
Gerd Schowalter New European Champion
Tournament complete
Server Development - Player Features
your change to input
European Individual Server Championship 2020 – Semi-Finals
Last call for registration! The deadline is the 10th of September.
7th Chess 960 World Cup
The Final will start on September, 20th - All the qualified players
Invitation to the CXEB 50 Tournament
- Open Anniversary, semifinal stage
50th Anniversary of CAPEA
- Tournament Announcement

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