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European Individual Server Championship 2020 – Semi-Finals
Last call for registration! The deadline is the 10th of September.
7th Chess 960 World Cup
The Final will start on September, 20th - All the qualified players
Invitation to the CXEB 50 Tournament
- Open Anniversary, semifinal stage
50th Anniversary of CAPEA
- Tournament Announcement
I OPEN TOURNAMENT Friends of Aristoteles
- Tournament Announcement
Memorial Valer Vasile Demian
- Tournament Announcement
The 2020 WCCC Candidates’ Tournament (WCCC 40 CT)
has been inserted on ICCF web-server.
70th ICCF Jubilee Introduction
top players match
Veterans World Cup 11 Semi-Finals (VWC11)
Veterans World Cup 11 Semi-Finals (VWC11)
European Individual Server Championship – Semi-Finals
2020 Edition
Congress Proposal Voting
The results of the voting for each Congress proposal at the 2020 ICCF online voting are listed below.
ICCF - Finance Director Elected!
Dr. Ferdinand Burmeister
7th WebChess Open Final
The Final of the 7th WebChess Open has started
ICCF Donation
ICCF Member Federations show overwhelming generosity in donations to the World Health Organisation
Message from the ICCF President
Update to the ICCF 2020 Congress and State of ICCF Message
Carlos Flores Gutiérrez Team Tournament
has started....
7th International Clergy Polish Correspondence Chess Championship
International School Friendly Event (2019-2020)
World Correspondence Chess Championship 2020 Cycle:
the Candidates‘ Tournament of the 40th WCCC

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