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CCM Title for Tom Gunn

Congratulations to Tom Gunn for finalizing the CCM title with a Norm in WCCC46PR 1

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ICCF World Championship Preliminaries

The next cycle of the World championships have been published here

If any Welsh players wish to be considered for WCCF nominations, please get in touch directly 

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As a reminder to all players, changes to ICCF rules now mean that if you ETL (Flag Fall) you will be suspended from entering new events for 30 days. If you ETL again in that period, the suspension will be extended.

This has already crept up in events, so don't get caught out!

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Welsh Champs and Qualifiers

are now uploaded and ready to go!


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Last Chance for Welsh Champs Entries....

Current Entries

810075Marc WakehamQualifier2381
211455Tom GunnQualifier2285
810233Paul ScottQualifier2309
212222Phil MorganQualifier2214
810074Nick BishopOpen2409
810161Russell SherwoodOpen2380
810202Helen SherwoodOpen2376
810139Mark AdamsOpen2328
810276Jon ColesOpen2314
810248Bob HurnOpen2119
810064Neil EvansOpen2095
810195Peter BevanOpen2051
810165Stephen BaileyOpen2005
810197Vaughan ThomasOpen1941
810102David GuyOpen1551
810176Malcom ChuggOpen1175
810322Paul BevanOpenUnrated
810324Claire GormanOpenUnrated
810323Jonathan ThomasOpenUnrated

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2022 Annual General Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the 2022 WCCF Annual General Meeting, which took place over Zoom on Sunday 27th November are below.


Dennis Thomas 90th Birthday Celebration Event

Dennis Thomas 90th Birthday Celebration Event

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation has arranged a Friendly Match with Scotland.

Dennis has played 28 games for Wales.

This is a free event; all players can play but must be registered under the Welsh flag.  A Player who is not yet registered with ICCF may do so by following the “New Player” link under the sign in box.

To sign up or for more details, get in touch.

[email protected]





Season Seven of the British Webserver Team Tournament Has Now Started

Good luck to all 14 teams!

Welsh Correspondence Chess Championships 2023

The 2023 Welsh Correspondence Chess Championship will commence on December 31st  2022

Entry to the 2023 Championship is open to all Welsh flagged chess players; there will be no entry fee for this season only.

The tournament will be played online using the ICCF webserver

All players must be registered under the Welsh flag.  Player who are not yet registered with ICCF may do so by following the “New Player” link under the sign in box.

There will be a championship section of between seven and eleven players and one or more qualification section.  The winner of the championship section will receive the title of “2023 Welsh Correspondence Chess Champions” and an engraved trophy; The WCCC is a qualifying event for the British Correspondence Chess Championship (other qualification criteria must be met)

The time control will be ten moves in 40 days, with duplication after 20 days and 45 days leave.

All applicable ICCF rules will apply, for the full rules, please see:

For a list of previous winners, please see

To enter the Welsh Correspondence Chess Championship, please contact the WCCF International secretary, Russell Sherwood by email: [email protected]

The closing date for entries is: 22th December 2022, the tournament will start shortly after this date.

Qualified Players to Final

Jonathan Blackburn (Previous Champ), Rhys Jones, Paul Scott, Marc Wakeham (Runners Up), Tom Gunn, DP Morgan (Qualifier Winners)

(Note: the unusual start date is to allow us to take advantage of a financial opportunity, allowing free entry)

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Friendly Match with Germany

We are arranging a friendly match with Germany

To sign up or for more details, get in touch

As a reminder, participation in friendly matches is one of the criteria for selection to Team and Invitational events.

Andrew Smith 

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IM Title for Paul Keevil

Congratulations to Paul Keevil who has just won his second IM norm in the 2021/23 British Championship, and consequently the International Master title!

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New WCCF Discussion Forums

The WCCF website now has a discussion forum! - Under "Members > Discussion Forums" from the main menu.

We will be adding new features and new forums in the future, some of the new forums will be private to members, others public.

The first forum is a general forum for WCCF matters and is open for anyone to read, and any logged-on user to post to - you don't need to be a member, or even a Welsh player, we're interested in your opinion whoever you are! (You only need an ICCF ID and password to log on).

Please feel free to join in the discussions.

Austin Lockwood

WCCF Secretary


2022 Annual General Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the 2022 AGM, taking place on Sunday 27th November at 10:00 over Zoom is attached.

Any member (premium, national, or international) wishing to attend should contact the secretary at least 24 hours before the meeting for the Zoom link; please note that national and international attendees will have observer status only.

Premium members not able to attend may now submit their votes to the secretary by email, at least 24 hours before the meeting (if you are able to attend the Zoom call you will have an opportunity to vote at the meeting):

  • As there have been no nominations for the Executive Committee, current officers will be invited to continue with no election
  • There are three proposals submitted by members, please send your votes for each of these proposals to the secretary before the meeting (the second proposal, from Josh Robinson, is in two parts, please indicate your vote for each part of the proposal separately)

I look forward to a productive meeting!

Austin Lockwood

WCCF Secretary

[email protected]


2023 Membership Fees

Membership fees for Premium and International members for 2023 can now be paid through PayPal.

Please make your payment via this page:

Your membership status should be updated automatically shortly after payment is confirmed, you can check this from the same page.

If you would prefer to pay for your membership by cheque or direct bank transfer, please await further announcements.

Austin Lockwood

WCCF Secretary


7th British Webserver Team Tournament

The WCCF are pleased to announce the 7th British Web server Team tournament

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF) are pleased to announce that entries for the Seventh British Webserver Team Tournament are now open; this tournament will start on Dec 15th 2022. 

The entry fee remains £20.00 per team. Entries should be made at This change is required to meet the new rules related to International Opens introduced in 2022.

As a reminder, the event does not offer Title norms and at least one British player (as defined in the rules) is required in any team. Teams will be allocated to qualified divisions, with new teams, normally starting in the bottom division. Any vacancies will be filled at the organizer’s discretion.

As this is an ICCF Open, entries must now be made via the ICCF Website.  Entries will be able to be made around 29th of October or earlier. More details will be made available in due course.

Organizers of new teams are encouraged to contact the organizer before entering

The closing date for entries is Sunday 4th December 2022.

Russell Sherwood, TO 7th BWSTT

UPDATE: You can now enter the BWSTT via Direct Entry; go to "New Events" and then "Wales".  The DE fee is €25 Euros because we are unable to collect entry fees in GBP via the ICCF website.



Ray Pomeroy Memorial Event

Following the sad passing of Ray Pomeroy, the EFCC are looking to arrange a memorial event , involving Ray's friends, particularly those involved in the Civil Service CC.

The format of the event is still being discussed but if you would like to be register interest please get in touch


2022 Annual General Meeting

The Welsh Correspondence Chess Federation will be holding its annual general meeting on Sunday 27th November 2022 at 10:00am.

The meeting will be held over Zoom, all premium members are invited to attend as full participants and will have a vote at the meeting; national and international members may attend as non-voting observers (there is still time for national members to subscribe to premium membership for 2022!).

Anyone wishing to attend should inform the secretary in advance so that the Zoom details can be circulated.

The meeting agenda will be posted on the WCCF website no later than Sunday 13th November; all agenda items and proposals must be submitted by premium members by 17:00 on Friday 11th November, anything submitted after this deadline will not be discussed (please note that there will be no "other business" at the meeting).  

All elected Executive Committee positions (President, Secretary, International Secretary, and Treasurer) will be elected at the AGM; please send nominations for these positions to the Secretary before 17:00 on Friday 11th November; unless informed otherwise, we will assume that current officials are willing to accept nominations by default.

Premium members not able to attend the meeting may submit their votes for proposals and Executive Committee nominees to the Secretary after the agenda has been published.

Austin Lockwood

WCCF Secretary

[email protected]


CCM Norm and Title for Marc Wakeham

Congratulation to Marc on achieving his final CCM Norm in  WS/MN/B/51

Here we see Marc in action in the WCCF New Year Tournament 2022

#CcmTitle #Correspondencechess #Iccf #Wccf

CCM norm and Title for Josh Robinson

Congratulations to Josh on picking up the 2nd Norm and qualifying for the title in Champions League 2021 C1 Board 4

#CcmNorm #Correspondencechess #Iccf #Wccf

Invitational Events - Expression of Interest

We have received a number of invitations from the EFCC (Dec 2022 start) and are finalizing our own next series (Dec 2022-Jan 2023 start).

These events cover a full range of ratings, from below 2000 and Category 10 (and possibly beyond).

If you are interested and wish to express interest, please get in touch ASAP (note this is only available for Welsh flagged players). More details will be available for players who express interest.

#BdfInvitationals #Correspondencechess

A Rules Proposal by Paul Keevil

A particular interest of mine, over the years, has been rules relating to chess. 

When I lived in Cardiff, I was more heavily involved in FIDE matters and used to assist Stewart Reuben, and others within FIDE, in relation to General Rules and Rating rules. At times I also assisted the FIDE Technical Committee.

Having played many years within the ICCF, and now playing at a level where I am happy at, I have been fortunate enough to consider how the ICCF rules effect the “Playing Experience” for its members 

Each year we see new proposals placed before the ICCF and this is indicative that, to benefit our members playing experience, some rules need to change. 

As an individual within an ICCF federation I cannot change rules myself. Such rules would need to be adopted by the WCCF (or others) and presented to the ICCF in the normal format for approval 

However, I can share my interest in ICCF rules (by way of this article for the WCCF and the ICCF Facebook page) and invite comments from those who either agree or disagree.

The following is a proposal I have put together which, I believe, would benefit the playing experience for all members of the ICCF.


Rule 5.1.4 of the International Rules on Correspondence Chess (1.1.20) states “The game is won if it is decided as a win through an adjudication process”

This proposal would allow, after a set number of moves, for either player to make one request for the game to be adjudicated if it meets specific criteria


Players would be allowed to request an adjudication of the game (once only) subject to the following conditions:

  1. 39 moves have been completed by both players (so from white 40 move onwards)
  2. According to the latest version of Stockfish an assessment of the position reaches a minimum of +10.00, in favour of either black or white, and with a minimum depth of 45 (with tablebase)

Once an adjudication is requested that claim would go, without any accompanying analysis from either player to an ICCF adjudicator (along with timestamps for the players' moves and recorded leave).  

The assigned adjudicator would determine if the game was clearly won or lost.

If the adjudicator decides yes that the claim was clearly won then, at that point, he will inform the opposing player of his “likely decision” and give the opposing player a period of 7 days to provide analysis as to why the game was not lost.

If no analysis is provided, within 7 days, the adjudicator could then declare the game as a win for the Claimant.

If analysis is provided, and the adjudicator disagrees with the analysis, the adjudicator could then declare the game as a win – subject to normal appeal rules

If analysis is provided, and the adjudicator agrees with the analysis, the adjudicator would ask the players to “play on” and apply a “Time Penalty” to the Claimant.

All players will be limited to making no more than 1 request for an adjudication in any game

Only adjudicators who volunteer will be assigned to do them.  These volunteers would also receive the training considered necessary to make them experts and consistent in making these judgments. 


There have been many attempts, over the years, to resolve the practice of DMD

DMD is a practice contrary to the ICCF Rules and one which causes anxiety for those a victim of such a practice. 

Additionally, the practice of playing on, in a clearly lost position, is also frowned upon and not in the spirit of the ICCF.

In making this proposal I am looking at the matter from a different perspective. Those who play Over the Board (“OTB”) will often resign a game where they lose a queen – A queen being worth 9pts – because the game is considered clearly lost.

It follows that in a game of Correspondence Chess (where there are less mistakes due to the use of engines) that where an analysis of +10 (to a depth of 45 minimum) is attributed by a recognised engine – that game is also clearly won or lost.

This rule avoids any awkwardness, between players, where one player chooses to play on in a clearly lost position.

The rule requires a significant number of moves to be made within the game (similar to most OTB adjudication rules) 

The rule allows for one claim, per game, for each player so as to avoid repeated, and spurious, claims

The rule requires a significant depth of analysis (i.e., 45)

The rule requires a tablebase to have been part of the engine analysis so as to not overlook any relevant scenarios.

The aim of this rule is to avoid those situations whereby individuals choose to play on in a clearly lost position. At the same time this rule will provide some benefit to those seeking to wipe DMD from the ICCF

The rule has been written in such a way that the opposing player as the opportunity to oppose a “Win Claim” by providing the adjudicator with analysis as to why the game should not be declared won or lost. The Appeals process is also in place. 

In a previous proposal (2022-31) our Rules Commissioner, Dennis M Doren, stated “Notably, it is the only code of conduct violation that cannot, within the current rules, be terminated by any official!  Recognizing a code of conduct violation exists but then necessarily allowing it to continue makes no sense”.  This rule, if accepted, would minimise the number of DMD scenarios in clearly lost positions. Rather than seeking to penalise an offender the game, if it fell within certain parameters, could be awarded as a win to the Claimant. 

This proposal offers a player-friendly approach that would ultimately be governed by the people we have been trained and trusted with decisions about game outcomes for years - our most highly rated and decorated players - our adjudicators.


Rule 5.1.4 is already in place to allow games to be determined by adjudication

The wording to accommodate this rule change could be inserted, very easily, at 2.13.5 of the ICCF Rules (2022)

The adjudication team could maintain records of the number of claims and their findings, along with the same for appeals.  The purpose of these data would be to determine any time in the future to what extent player experience has improved along with an assessment as to whether DMD claims have decreased.


I am assuming there would be some programming cost to implement but I would not envisage this to be excessive.

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Wales vs Peru Friendly match underway

Wales Vs Peru Friendly 2022

Good Luck to All!

#Correspondencechess #Friendlymatch #Iccf #Wccf

10 Tips to reduce your CC Energy Use

This article is inspired by an interesting discussion took place about Energy use in WCCF Facebook Group, This came out of the Energy price hikes taking and predicted to take place in the UK.  Most of these are obvious, but some are not quite so!


  • Turn off your monitor and External speakers. If you are utilizing your machine for long analysis – turn it off!


  • Set your PC to sleep after a specific time if you run overnight – If you are lucky enough to have Economy 7 and set a PC to review positions overnight – if you know it will finish at a specific time then set your PC to shut down after that point. The same goes if you use a laptop, ensure it is charged overnight and run down in the day.



  • Utilize Automation – A significant change I made a few years ago was to write Automation processes. Chessbase does have a basic functionality, and even this will allow more analysis time to be squeezed into the same time.


  • Check if the Engine has a green mode – a Few do, this lowers energy consumption by a few percent.


  • Clean out the Fans on the PC – Simple one this – make sure the fans inside your PC and the vents are clear of dust.



  • Make sure there is space around the PC – Make sure your PC has room for the Air to circulate, this will keep the PC cooler and reduce the need for Fans to work.


  • Consider Natural Cooling – Little bit odd this – a few years ago I had an old PC in the attic as part of my cluster. During the winter, this room was rather cooler… is worth saying that the room whilst cold was dry.



  • Reutilize analysis (Learning books/ AQ) – If you are structured in your analysis, then often you can avoid using energy by already having considered the analysis of certain positions.


  • Consider the relative costs of local vs online analysis – there are a number of online clusters available – with the price of energy different in different parts of the world it is worth considering if online cluster support can be purchased cheaper.


  • Are you using the right Equipment for the Job? Is a Laptop or high-end PC right for the task in hand?

and thats a wrap! If you dont want to reduce your CC then these tips should help make a change in the right direction!

#Correspondencechess #Wccf

British Champs 2022-2024

The British Championships 2022 are underway....

Penrose Memorial Championship 2022-2024

Penrose Memorial Candidates A 2022-2024

Penrose Memorial Candidates B 2022-2024

Penrose Memorial Reserves 2022-2024

Welsh players are represented in all four events, with Title Norms available in the Championship and both Candidates.


#Bccc #Correspondencechess #Iccf #Wccf


It's happened again. I've been nursing a small advantage from the opening. It's settled at around + 0.7, and I'm reconciling myself to the fact that a draw seems the likeliest outcome. I receive my opponent's move and set up the current position. The evaluation is now -8.

My first reaction is disbelief. Surely this has to be a mistake. I check the position, replay the game but am forced to accept the changed reality. How can this happen? I didn't rush my last move. I gave the engine time and entered its choice of move. The explanation can only be that the position I presented for my engine to analyse was incorrect.

I feel sick in the pit of my stomach. My disbelief turns to self-recrimination. My feelings are like players' immediate reactions to over the board reverses. I saw Ian Nepomniachtchi interviewed recently after failing to beat Hans Niemann from a promising position. He was asked why he had not captured a pawn. "Because I am a moron" declared Ian with force and feeling.

Clangers should not occur in correspondence chess. I'm now currently playing two games in which I have committed single move losing blunders.  It's not just me who does this. I've also been the beneficiary. My win in the USA Friendly was courtesy of a dropped piece, and I'm sitting on an imminent win in which a strong opponent has gifted me a rook.

Clangers may even out over time, but right now the last cut is the deepest. These seem harder to bear in team events. Apologies to colleagues in the current Horst Ritter team event. 


#Correspondencechess #Iccf #Wccf

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