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CCE Norm for Jon Coles

Congratulations to Jon Coles in picking up a CCE Norm in DE 15th Webserver Anniversary pr 24

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Tip of the Week #5

Many years ago there was a track from the Shamen "Ebeneezer Goode" with the immortal line "Backwards and then forwards, forwards and then backwards" which brings us to this week's tip.

In a position with a low evaluation, a different perspective can be achieved by letting an engine run for a while, moving down the line a move and then immediately moving back to the original position. 

You would think the engine would go back to it's first choice, but occasionally it does not.  Why this is the case is complicated, but it is related to their being a number of near equivalent moves that the engine has to choose between in its search.


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11th European Team Championship - Final

The Finals of the 11th European Team Championships are underway.

Good Luck to the Welsh Team.

Welsh Team

  1. SIM Gareth Yeo Cat 11 +2 for GM Norm
  2. IM Tony Balshaw Cat 11 +1 SIM, +2 GM
  3. SIM John Claridge Cat 10 +3 GM
  4. IM Ian Jones Cat 9 +2 SIM, +3 GM
  5. IM Austin Lockwood Cat 9 +2 SIM, +3 GM
  6. CCM Russell Sherwood Cat 8 +1 IM, +2 SIM, +4 GM
  7. LGM Helen Sherwood Cat 7 +1 IM, +3 SIM, +4 GM
  8. CCM Mark Adams Cat 6 +2 IM, +3 SIM 

Also, congratulations to Scotland and any other Home Nations teams who qualified for probably the strongest international team event!

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British Solving Championship

Sometimes a change of pace is nice......

Chess: National solving championship opens for entries from Britain | Chess | The Guardian


Tip of the week #4

A setting seen on most chess engines is "Contempt".

This is a slightly misnamed parameter used by the engine to improve its winning chances against weaker engines. 

What this does is to assume that the opposing engine is slightly less likely to find the "best move".

The majority of engines come with a setting of around 20. 

The consensus is that this should be set to zero for Correspondence Chess, although there are some scenarios where different settings can be advantageous! 

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World Team Cup

Reminder: If you are interested in playing in this event, please register your interest 

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Nol van 't Riet Memorial

Good Luck to Rhys Jones in Nol van 't Riet Memorial GROUP B 

and Alex Bullen in Nol van 't Riet Memorial GROUP C

These Memorials are in celebration of  the life of Nol van 't Riet


Tip of the week #3B

Correspondence Chess players all have  tendency to take on too many games - just one more tournament.....

In an ideal world you would be able to dedicate as much time as you wanted to each game but the afore mentioned tendency means this is rarely the case, so it is important to know the importance of each and every game and how they impact tournament outcomes.

Therefore, I recommend reviewing either regularly or on a live basis, each game and/or event. From this we can determine our chances for a Norm/Prize/Advancement to the next round or which games are "dead rubbers". Undertaking this will allow us to determine the games which deserve a greater share of our attention.


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Tip of the Week#3A

The default settings of most chess engines are generally sub-optimal for Correspondence Chess.

An important one to set is that the Hash table size. Either too small or too large and the engine will be running below its best. Details on how to do this are in the article below

Goldilocks and the Hash Table (

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Welsh Correspondence Chess Championships


The event is stronger than ever with an very interesting Championship section, with an average rating of 2331.  The question on most observers’ minds: Is the “double” possible?

The outright winner receives an engraved trophy and the Welsh Correspondence Chess Master Title. In addition, an outright winner will qualify for a Welsh nomination for the Finals of the British Correspondence Chess Championships (assuming other criteria are met)

Cross Table (


We have two qualifiers’ sections. The outright winner of each selection will receive the Title of Welsh Correspondence Chess Expert and qualify for the following Welsh Championship Final

Cross Table (

Cross Table (

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Tip of the Week #2

Tip #2

Canyons and Open Plains

When analysing with an Engine, learn the difference between "Canyons" and "Open Plains"!

Canyons are positions where, whilst the moves are not forced and can take place in multiple orders, do tend to lead to the same position - so you may play ABC or BAC or CBA but will still end up in the same position a few moves down the line. Here, after any nuances over move order have been explored, analysis should be undertaken at the end of the canyon.

Open plains are positions where many near equivalent moves are possible in a position. Here width of search should be considered almost as important as depth to increase the chances of finding the best move.

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Welsh Titles Update

Details of Welsh Title Holders can be seen here

We are pleased to add:

Welsh CC Master

Paul Scott

Paul Keevil

William Bishop

Craig Evans


Welsh CC Expert

Marc Wakeham

David Phillip Morgan

Eric Paul Nettles

Rhys Jones

Presidents List

Helen Sherwood

David Guy

Alex Sherwood

Vaughan Thomas

Arthur Wilding

Peter Bevan

Mike Richards

David Roberts

Aytac Yuce

Congratulations to all!

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WCCF Welsh Correspondence Chess Championship Entries to date

Alex Bullen, Alex Sherwood, Arthur Wilding, Bob Hurn, Chris Grier, David Guy, DP Morgan, Gareth Jones, Gerald Jones, Helen Sherwood, Jonathan Blackburn, Josh Robinson, Marc Wakeham, Mark Adams, Michael Bowley, Neil Evans, Nick Bishop, Paul Keevil Paul Scott, Rhys Jones, Russell Sherwood, Stephen Bailey, Tom Gunn & Vaughan Thomas

This looks to be the strongest Welsh Champs on record, surpassing previous efforts by around 200 elo!

Final date for entries 31st May 2021

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Good Luck to the Welsh contingent 

Ian Jones  WCCC45SF 4

Russell Sherwood WCCC45SF 5

William Bishop WCCC45SF 8


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Final Call for the Welsh Correspondence Chess Championships

Final deadline is the 31st of May 2021. Remember, entry this year is free!

Questions or entries 

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Tip of the Week #1

This is the first in a series of postings. I almost called them daily tips but thought can I give 365 tips?

Tip #1

Ensure that in your engine settings you have "Syzygy 50 Move Rule" is not enabled. If it is enabled, potential wins may be overlooked


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Welsh Championship Entries Update

12 days to still enter!

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Play, parry or Avoid!

New Article for Premium/International members

Play, parry or Avoid! (

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New International Member: CCM Wolfram Richter

New Welsh Player: Jonathan Blackburn

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Welsh Championship Update

22 entries to date. Final closing date is fast approaching, so why not enter now and don't miss out! 

Entry is free this year but only open to welsh-flagged players!

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WCCF Trios

We are looking to run another round of WCCF Trios in the near future. Each Trio has 3 players playing 4 games each.

Premium/International Members are entitled to 2 free entries per year, otherwise entry is £5 per Trio (so yes it cheaper to become a premium member and get the Trio entries as well!)

If you are interested in taking part, please register your interest here

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Winning #2 Opening Novelties

A new article for Premium/International members. Log in to be able to view

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Wales - Mexico 2021

is underway on 28 Boards. Good Luck to All!

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ICCF Proposals 2021

Are there situations in CC that annoy you or rules that don't seem to make sense? If so then now is your opportunity to be able to contribute to changing that. 

ICCF's rules are changed on an annual basis at Congress, based upon the following process:

  1. Federations or Officials propose changes to the current rules
  2. The Federations vote on those proposals
  3. The rules are updated based upon successful proposals

If you have any suggestions please let us know, and we can start the process of evaluation. 



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WCCF Invitational Series 2021

The WCCF Invitational series  for 2021 is underway:

Involving 73 players from 28 Nations including:

WLS 23 ,USA 4, DEN 3, ENG 3, BRA 3, ESP 3, BLR 3, NED 3, IND 2, SWE 2, UKR 2, NOR 2, PAN 2, GER 2, ITA 2,SUI 2, LUX, GRE, UKR, SLO, RSA, GUM, INA, PER, PHI, MEX, and SCO

Titled players include: 1 FIDE GM, 2 ICCF FM, 12 SIM, 8 IM, 20 CCM and 10 CCE

WCCF 9 - Category 11 Average Rating 2506 GM +3, SIM +1, IM - 1, CCM -4, CCE -4

WCCF 10 - Category 7 Average Rating 2411 GM +5, SIM +3, IM+1

WCCF 11 - Category 4 Average Rating 2337 SIM +5, IM +3 CCM +0, CCE -4

WCCF 12 - Category L Average Rating 2237 CCM +2, CCE -2

WCCF 13 - Category G Average Rating 2125 CCM +4, CCE +1

Good Luck to all involved!

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