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David Anderton RIP
It is with sadness that we learnt of the death of David Anderton, a colossus in English chess both over the board and in correspondence play, on 1st April. A full obituary can be read on the EFCC website – see: David Anderton .
BCCA Ratings are Here!
We are pleased to announce the arrival of the first BCCA rating list, courtesy of our President, Stan Grayland. The first list can be found here: BCCA Ratings April 2022
EFCC Correspondent
The EFCC Correspondent, the magazine of the EFCC, has arrived impressively onto websites and virtual bookshelves. Edited by Mickey Blake and with contributions from our own Keith Kitson, the first two editions are available via the following page: EFCC Correspondent.
BCCA Ratings
The Executive Committee continues to work to maximise the number of games played by BCCA members which are ICCF rated while developing our own BCCA ratings list. We can now confirm that we expect all William Mason events to be rated in the 2022/23 season and will shortly be seeking confirmation of ratings for the 2022/23 … Continue reading BCCA Ratings
Fees and Prizes 2022/23
One of the decisions reached at the April Executive Committee meeting was to continue with the policy of freezing fees and other costs, while maintaining prizes, for 2022/23 despite increasing inflation. For more details for the coming year, see:   Fees and Prizes 2022/23.
Executive Committee Meeting
The Executive Committee met on 2nd April as presaged in the agenda publicised here – Executive Committee Agenda.   A number of decisions were reached which will be communicated to members shortly, including the level of fees and prizes for 2022/23 – see: Fees and Prizes 2022/23 .
Trio Win for Jonathan Powell
Congratulations are in order for Jonathan Powell who won Trio No 234 with three wins and a draw for a fine score of 3½/4. Further details are contained in the cross table:  see: Trio 234 .
Executive Committee Agenda
The Executive Committee has a full agenda for its meeting scheduled for this Saturday.   The main items are set out below: Apologies for Absence Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting 2nd October 2021. Matters Arising General Secretary’s Report Membership Secretary’s Report Webmaster’s Report Treasurer’s Report Tournament Review Rating BCCA Tournaments Gambit/Counter Gambit Endgame Tournament Handicap Trios New … Continue reading Executive Committee Agenda
Supporting Ukrainians
The Executive Committee  has decided to extend its demonstration of support for Ukrainian chess players by offering free membership for the current and next membership year to all Ukrainians who are not already BCCA members.
Postal Medals
So much of our chess is played via webserver that the traditional postal format can be forgotten. The BCCA still organises postal chess, however, and the postal medal tournaments have now started.   More details and the cross tables can be seen by clicking on the links below: Postal Gold Postal Silver Postal Bronze  

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