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Silver Medal Winner 2020 is Raymond Burridge
Raymond Burridge is the winner of the 2020 Silver Medal Tournament.   Congratulations both to Raymond and Alan Sutton who both also achieved CCE Norms.   The full tournament table is here:  Cross Table (
Tony Stiles wins Trio 230
Tony Stiles has completed victory in Trio 230 with a win against Martin Hardwick and earns two BCCA Candidate Master points as a result – for the full tournament table, see:  Cross Table (
New BCCA Candidate Master Title – Maurice Carter
Maurice Carter is the latest BCCA member to be awarded the BCCA Candidate Master Title after accumulating the necessary 20 Candidate Master points – well played Maurice! The full list of BCCA Title holders can be found here The full list of Title points awarded for players who have not yet earned the Title can be … Continue reading New BCCA Candidate Master Title – Maurice Carter
BCCA Ratings
BCCA Ratings Due to changes made to ICCF Tournament rules the only way to ensure that ALL BCCA members may play in our tournaments which are played on the ICCF Webserver is to make these games ICCF unrated . We are therefore setting up a BCCA rating system.  This means all BCCA games  played from … Continue reading BCCA Ratings
The BCCA newsletter is due to be published shortly – please send any material for inclusion to Stan Grayland, our newsletter editor.
Vincent Palmer Wins Trio No 223
Congratulations to Vincent Palmer for his victory in Trio No 223, scoring 3/4 with no losses.   For more detailed results, see the cross table here: Trio 223 Results
Handicap Tournament
Over several years the number of players wishing to play Postal pairings has declined.  As a consequence it has become virtually impossible for a postal player to meet the minimum result criteria to be included in the final table. After much discussion it has been decided that the Handicap will  move to the webserver for … Continue reading Handicap Tournament
Fees and Prizes 2021/22
Following a meeting of the Executive Committee, it has been decided to freeze membership and other fees for 2021/22 while maintaining prizes.   This means that the Fees and Prizes for the year will be as summarised below:   Charge / Event Current Fee £ Prizes Membership   Adult  £10 Overseas £20 Junior  Free Mason Champs … Continue reading Fees and Prizes 2021/22
Reserves Result
Congratulations to Tom Gunn, the winner of the BCCA Reserves B Tournament 2020/21 with the impressive score of 9/10, with eight wins and two draws.
The 2021 Annual General Meeting of the BCCA will be held at 3.0 p.m. on 2nd October 2021 via a Zoom call.

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