Atherton Chess Club, 2003

This was the first competitive chess match played on SchemingMind.  Atherton is the nearest chess club to the home of the site's web master and a challenge was issued by the site and accepted by the club.  At the time there were less than one hundred members of the site (even after all the Atherton team had joined!), but we still managed to put a reasonable team together to take on a group of serious 'over the boarders'.  Atherton CC won the match by a clear nine points, but many of their members carried on as members of SchemingMind afterwards.

Board     Atherton CC 
dmichael 1-0 1-0 smiler 
Seth 0-1 0-1 peterm 
swayne 0-1 0-1 DavidM 
Austin ½-½ ½-½ Geomy 
Mel 0-1 0-1 Stephen 
Philip 0-1 0-1 Brian Frew 
Zepphire 1-0 ½-½ Richard W 
Harold 0-1 0-1 Gary 
cleverman 0-1 1-0 Starsailor 
10 roscoe 0-1 0-1 alanwo 

Click here for Atherton Chess Club's web site.

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