Austin Lockwood

NameAustin Lockwood
User NameAustin
Location Bolton, England
Local Time12:19 PM
AccountFull Member
Date RegisteredTuesday, April 30, 2002
Last MoveSaturday, October 23, 2021
Moves24,022 (6 this month)
Forum Posts13,401 (12 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)1762 (137)
Rating (Chess960)1659 (350)
TeamAnother test team
TeamCorrespondence Chess Manager
TeamDevelopment and Testing Group
TeamGame Explorer
TeamPrize Committee
TeamSchemingMind Wiki
TeamThe Chess Masters
TeamThe Hounds of SchemingMind C Team
TeamThe Steamers
TeamTranslation Group
ICCF Rating2404


Photograph is myself with Spoke, Stuttgart, April 2016.

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