Dropout Tournaments

Dropout tournaments are a hybrid between the Swiss and the Knockout format.  Three dropout tournaments are held annually on SchemingMind, in Standard Chess, Chess960 and chess variants.  These tournaments usually last for up to two years, and the winners of these tournaments are considered to be the site champions in their speciality.


Chess Leagues

Chess leagues are team events held continually on SchemingMind, there are leagues for Standard Chess and Chess960 winners of these leagues are considered to be the site team champions.  There is also an occasional 'World Cup' tournament held for national teams.


ICCF Rated Events

SchemingMind enters occasional events organised by the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) or it's member federations, these are listed here.


Other Events

Other miscellaneous events, such as challenges against other organisations, or exhibition matches are shown under this heading.


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