2011 SC Site Championship, Pre Round

Not Eliminated

PlayerMPRound 1Round 2Round 3
6 0MP 1MP 3MP
 1MP 0MP 1MP
6 3MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 3MP 0MP
7 3MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 0MP 1MP
7 1MP 3MP 0MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP
7 1MP 0MP 0MP
 3MP 0MP 3MP
8 1MP 0MP 0MP
 3MP 1MP 3MP
8 0MP 3MP 1MP
 3MP 1MP 0MP
8 3MP 1MP 0MP
 0MP 3MP 1MP
8 3MP 0MP 1MP
 3MP 1MP 0MP
8 3MP 3MP 1MP
 0MP 1MP 0MP
8 1MP 3MP 0MP
 3MP 1MP 0MP


PlayerMPRound 1Round 2Round 3
9 1MP 1MP 1MP
 0MP 3MP 3MP
9 3MP 3MP 0MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP
9 3MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 3MP 0MP
9 0MP 3MP 0MP
 3MP 3MP 0MP
9 3MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 3MP 0MP
10 3MP 0MP 0MP
 3MP 3MP 1MP
10 0MP 1MP 0MP
 3MP 3MP 3MP
10 0MP 0MP 3MP
 3MP 1MP 3MP
10 3MP 1MP 3MP
 3MP 0MP 0MP

About this tournament

Start date: 11/5/2010 12:00 AM

Tournament director: spoke

Dropout threshold: 9

New this time: instead of the ‘Dropout’ procedure we will now use a system with RoundRobin-Groups, with a final group in the end, for Standard and C960 (for Variants the usual dropout format will be used again)

However, it would be difficult, to manually set up all these groups for (expected) 150-200 participants. Therefore a
'Pre-Round' will be started, by using a modified ‘dropout-format’. With this tool we can manage the signup and the first pairings: Each participant will play 6 games against 6 different opponents, 3 with white, 3 with black, pairings drawn at random (all 6 games to be played in parallel ! ). Threshold is 9MP, i.e. all players with less than 9 Maluspoints are qualified for 'Round 1' (for each lost game you get 3 MP, for a drawn game you get 1 MP).

Round 1 is a Double Round Robin, the group size is 6 players (or 5 for some groups). To arrange the players in the groups, a procedure will be used that takes into account firstly the MPs from pre-round, and 2ndly the average rating from pre-round opponents.
[Technical note: for all groups the TD will setup a section in his buddylist, so that only the 'right' players can join in their group - but it's necessary that each player is active here, missing a new signup means withdrawn from the tourney]

Qualified for the next round are
- Group winners
- 2nd player from 1/3 of the groups, which have the highest rating average (rating at begin of tourney)
- runners up with same score

Round 2, and further rounds if necessary, until we have a final group
(no. of participants in semifinals and final still open, but not greater than 7)

Start/End of signup: at about October 10 / November 3 at midnight
Participants: full members only

Note: please disregard the text below (general dropout rules) - it is 'fixed' to the main dropout page, so it can't be deleted without also deleting it from all the other dropout pages!

General rules for dropout tournaments

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