International Chess Friends

Team Description

International Chess Friends, more conveniently called ICF, competes in the Standard Chess League. In Season Seven of this league, ICF has three league-teams. Most of the members of ICF A Team have ratings above 2100. Most of the members of ICF C Team have ratings below 1800.

We run an internal championship annually for the title of ICF Club Champion.
Here is the link to the Final section of our championship for 2012:
We don't have a club champion now, because the two players who tied for first place are not members of SchemingMind. When one of them becomes a full member of SchemingMind, he will be the new champion of ICF.

ICF Club Champion for 2011 to 2012: thebirdolux
Founding Captain: Ashmaster
Captain from 18-May-2011 to 5-November-2012: Vermonty

Here is a link to our old logo designed by Gamesfreak:

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