scheming kNights

Team Description

A group of players, who will play standard chess (and occasionally one of the variants). The team is now recruiting :) [b]History[/b] We were there from day one of the formation of the league system at schemingmind. We are the only team that can say it has played in all the 13 of the standard chess leagues tournaments. We fully intend to join season 14... scheming kNights Charter [i][b]NOG[/b][/i] policy:- The [i][b]N[/b]umber [b]O[/b]f [b]G[/b]ames[/i] that we will set up for a player depends what that player feels comfortable with. Although as minimum we would expect a player to be willing to play in one match at a time during the league season (friendlies are entirely optional). [b]Archnemesis[/b] (aka The team we most want to beat) [i]The US Marshalls[/i] For poaching one of our players and then having the audacity to play them against us !!!! [b] Amnesty Policy[/b]:-[i] Wiping the slate clean[/i] A full pardon will be granted to any player that leaves the Marshalls and joins the kNights;). [b]Our Motto[/b] by the Chinese Zen Priest Bukko [i]"Denko eiri shunpu wo kiru"[/i] which may be interpreted as, "Even if you cut off my head, it has no more effect than stroking the spring breeze that whispers now across these fields." [b]Martini Joining Policy[/b] i.e. anyone, any rating, from anywhere [b]Our Picture[/b] Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido. [b]Discussion Game[/b] This was our last discussion game which began on 29th May 2008 & finish on 04th April 2009

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