Team America - Los Pumas

NameTeam America - Los Pumas
Captain Raimondi
Date StartedSaturday, August 6, 2005
LeagueSchemingMind World Cup - 2006
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Two
MembershipThis team is public, anyone can join
Standard ChessThis team will accept Standard Chess challenges
Chess960This team will accept Chess960 challenges

Team Description

Si eres americano y quieres participar en la liga mundial, pero el equipo de tu país no existe o no va a participar, únete a Los Pumas y diviértete ;-)

If you are from South or North America and you want to play in the World League but your country team doesn't exist or it won't participate in the league, join Los Pumas (The Cougars) and have fun ;-)

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