Chess Improvement Club II

NameChess Improvement Club II
Captain Aumonde
Date StartedSaturday, August 8, 2009
MembershipThis team is public, anyone can join
Standard ChessThis team will accept Standard Chess challenges

Team Description

There will be no chess challenges for this club. The purpose for it to be display as such, is to show that the club will only be concerned with standard chess and no other variants.
The focus of this club is to learn to play better standard chess by asking questions while playing unrated games between club members. The games will be like those played at a chess club where you can try new things and not worry about your rating.
If you join, please enable the Unrated Standard chess variant on your challenge preference page.
Membership is restricted to players who are still novices and wish to improve their chess skills, and more advanced chess players who would like to teach or train chess skills using their own methods.
Currently, I will be giving most of the lessons in the forums under specific subject matters.
When joining this club, you are also giving permission for any of your games, selected radomly to be annotated, viewed and commented by all in the club, as a training tool for all members in the club. This would also apply to games discussed in PMs.

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