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NameExtreme Discussions Forum
Captain JPT
Vice-Captain Squibber
Date StartedFriday, September 12, 2008
MembershipThis team is public, anyone can join

Team Description

Reopened for business......

Warning this is not a team for playing chess

It has been set up to for those who wish to discuss such topics as politics and religion and other sensitive subjects as long as they are not illegal.

The forums are unmoderated and likely to get heated, so if you're easily offended please do not join

Forum Philosophy 

Everybody has a right to an opinion, and even though we may not agree with them, we can agree to disagree.

Use of language

Good articulation is the key of getting your point across. However if you feel the need to express yourself in more basic terms please remember that there may be some minors reading, so any swear words should be obscurated. 
i.e What the F***

Blacklist Philosophy

Under the T&C's abusive behavour is not allowed, therefore anybody posting purely abusive posts will be blacklisted.

Like wise:-
Site Admin will not accept any complaints over the content of these forums 
So you join at your own risk. Anybody caught complaining to Site Admin will be blacklisted for their own good.

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