Team Great Britain

NameTeam Great Britain
Captain pompey
Vice-Captain Helga1946
Date StartedSunday, January 30, 2005
LeagueSchemingMind World Cup - 2006
LeagueChess960 League - Season Three
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Three
LeagueSchemingMind World Cup - 2008
LeagueFour Nations Correspondence Chess League
LeagueChess960 League - Season Four
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Eleven
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Twelve
LeagueChess960 League - Season Eight
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Thirteen
LeagueStandard Chess League - Season Fourteen
MembershipThis team is public, anyone can join
Standard ChessThis team will accept Standard Chess challenges
Chess960This team will accept Chess960 challenges

Team Description

Be vigilant; because your adversary … prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Team GB is looking for all members from The British Isles. Always open to suggestions. Come join and represent Britain with pride!

Standard Chess League Season 13

Team Great Britain "A" - Division 3                      Team Great Britain "B" - Division 4

Standard Chess League Season 12

Team Great Britain "A" - Division 3 - 1st Place     Team Great Britain "B" - Division 4 - 5th Place

Standard Chess League Season 11

Team Great Britain "A" - Division 4 - Champions (P)      Team Great Britain "B" - Division 5 - 4th Place

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