Mirta Crevani

NameMirta Crevani
User Namepaloma
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Local Time1:53 PM
AccountFull Member
Date RegisteredWednesday, May 30, 2007
Last MoveMonday, October 19, 2020
Moves13,271 (23 this month)
Forum Posts126 (0 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)2008 (89) SM Master
Class TournamentsCT Class 1
TeamICCF Rated International Friendly Matches
TeamMatch Captain's Forum
TeamPink Floyd International
TeamTeam Asterix and Obelix
ICCF Rating1946


im in this site to learn chess
and to enjoy my games
chess is an art that helps our mind and it gives knowledge us.
the secret is to play with love and to respect the opponent.
my level in Chess Club 1950-2000  rating 

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