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Date RegisteredWednesday, May 2, 2007
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Her Disgrace - The Duchess, (The Late )Liability Bennett. (Of the clouds above the back of beyond, Clown at the Invisible Circus, Fool at Loves Court, Professor, Student and co-Founder of the University of Universal Studies (Post-Anth), Singer of The Songs of The Jaded Generation, Flight Instructor, Governess (retired), Fairy Godmother (semi-retired) , Self-Proclaimed Heiress to The Legacy of Screaming Lord Such, Alleged Distant relative of Adam Ant; supposed Time Lord (The Guardian:32nd Dec 2003). "Righteous Queen of Noise" [Personal communication, Rev. S. Newby, 2007] 99 & ll/25ths % Pure Chaos (Resigned & Somewhat Halfhearted), Excommunicated & Buried Alive 23 times, etc., etc.

She don't much mind

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