User NameDarko
Location Bucharest, Romania
Local Time8:38 PM
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Date RegisteredThursday, February 15, 2007
Last MoveSunday, July 24, 2011
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Rating (Standard Chess)1740 (350) SM Master
Rating (Chess960)1864 (350)
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I'm 20 years old.I'm from Romania,Bucharest.
I play chess for pure pleasure,although I would liked to play at a club earlier.I played some few matches with my brother when I was about 9-10.Then I abandoned it for a long time,only to find in october,2006,mainly with the help of internet.From then I loved it again,and I improved from game to game.
I play correspondence chess only on this site,I also play live online games on www.gamedesire.com .Who wants a challenge on live games let me know.Here I accept challenges only from players above 1800.
My favourite player is Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu.

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