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---Feb 2010:---

i'm reviving this account after a three year hiatus because of a group interest in playing an informal tournament. I'm still limiting how much i play because it's just not a priority in my life right now, but that just means that i may not play quickly.

My games of choice are extinction chess, alice chess, and racing kings. I only really want to play regular chess with people on kbo. If you're from there, drop me a message and i'll challenge you as i don't want to open myself up to random challenges in my direction.


i'm a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so you can perceive me in whatever way pleases you.

i'm much better at extinction chess than regular chess. i discovered that my strategy as an extinction chess player ruins my regular chess play especially when i play both variants at the same time. this is why i'm not accepting regular chess challenges because i'm much more interested in variants.

i'm a big fan of alice chess. Despite what this site rates me, i don't think i'm actually that great at it.

thanks to surfnsuds, i'm becoming a fan of Racing Kings.

a fantastic game in which i lose is much more satisfying than an easy game i win.

any game in which i can inspire my opponent/colleague to learn something beyond the boundaries and context of our momentary interaction is the greatest thing ever.

replace "game" with "thing" and you pretty much have my life philosophy.

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