User Nameflyingscot
Location Aberdeen, Scotland
Local Time12:12 PM
Date RegisteredSunday, July 2, 2006
Last MoveMonday, June 21, 2021
Moves10,403 (21 this month)
Forum Posts3 (0 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)1347 (149)
Class TournamentsCT Class 4
TeamScotland the Brave


I trained as a visual artist and operated a screenprint business for 18 years until 1998.

Since that time I have been involved with online business and am a Web Consultant helping online marketers to achieve their goals by providing free info and tools to assist them.

I also enjoy Blackjack, Poker and Roulette for relaxation and as a way of keeping my mind active. In addition I play Scrabble which is a game with as many possibilities almost as chess.

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