User NameBlueMooner
Location Bolton, near Manchester, England
Local Time4:13 PM
Date RegisteredMonday, April 24, 2006
Last MoveWednesday, May 20, 2015
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Rating (Standard Chess)1819 (322) SM Master
Class TournamentsCT Class 2


Hello, I play for Bolton chess club where my ELO is around 1700-1800. I am an avid chess fan, and hope to keep improving at the Royal Game. My favourite player has to be Mihail Tal, the Wizard from Riga who smoked, drank & chased the women in combination with becoming the planet's 6th world chess champion defeating the automaton positional powerhouse Botvinnik.

I also love music (of eclectic tastes from The Rolling Stones to Mozart, Sam Cooke to Schubert, Richard Hawley, most of the Blues to the Happy Mondays (if it's good I'll listen).

I also have a season ticket to Manchester City Football Club (the Pride of Manchester). And I play chess on ICC if anyone is interested to challenge me to a 1 hour game my gamertag is 'byebyebadman' & my current rating is in the 1760s.

I also love cricket (I used to play alas I occasionally play bad golf these days) as well as being a regular at my local gym.

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