User Namemdg149
Location Union City, New Jersey, United States
Local Time8:43 PM
Date RegisteredTuesday, January 3, 2006
Last MoveSunday, June 14, 2020
Moves9,778 (0 this month)
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Rating (Standard Chess)1649 (255)
Rating (Chess960)1543 (262)
TeamThe Mornington Crescent Movers
TeamUnknown Variables


I've never been that into opening theory in the standard chess, so I like the variants. They're good, you should try them.

Chess960 - Starts off cool, but always castling to the same position seems to go against the spirit of the random starting positions.

Benedict960 - The first wacky variant I tried. It's a lot of fun. Not being able to capture pieces makes you have to think very differently.

Suicide960 - I spent the first half of my first game trying to capture the other guy's King. Then I did and I realized I was playing backwards. But I still won it. Don't be fooled by being up or down big early, a long run of forced moves can totally reverse the game.

Atomic - I still haven't got this one figured out, so if you're looking to move up in the Atomic Pyramid, I'm your guy.

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