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Date RegisteredTuesday, August 9, 2005
Last MoveWednesday, December 14, 2005
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Rating (Standard Chess)1696 (350)
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I play chess from a little boy. I´ve played my first games with my grandfather (who is a fantastic chess player) and now I still enjoy playing against him.

The chess has always been my favorite game. Although I have a lot to learn (I'm 15 years old) I enjoy challenging the adults.

Bulgaria has three world champions - GM Veselin Topalov, our chess queen GM Antoaneta Stefanova, and GM Liuben Spasov with the veterans, so there are very good chess players in my country and I hope that I'll represent it as well as they do it.

I'm 1.e4 player /although sometimes I play irregular openings/ and I prefer the italian variations


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