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Started playing chess at the age of 7 and, although there have been some fallow years, I've always renewed my interest. Never played competitively OTB or been a member of a club, except at school and university.  

I enjoy watching live chess on Twitch and YouTube, as well as instructional videos. Love a good chess book full of anecdotes and player insights, as well as entertaining games.

I really appreciate the extra time correspondence chess allows to study a position and that I can play out ideas on a board before committing to a move.

Chess computers I have known: Novag Supremo; a much smaller travel chess computer - can't remember the make or model; and a handheld LCD thing (Excalibur?).

Software history: from ZX Spectrum Chess, to Chessmaster and ChessBase.

Favourite openings: That would be telling.

Please note, that's not me in the photo - I don't smoke.


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