William Lindberg

NameWilliam Lindberg
User NameLindy
Location United States
Local Time5:55 AM
AccountFull Member
Date RegisteredTuesday, June 17, 2014
Last MoveTuesday, April 16, 2024
Moves62,449 (258 this month)
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Rating (Standard Chess)2387 (69) SM Senior Master
Rating (Chess960)1063 (350)
Class TournamentsCT Class 1
TeamApple Pie
TeamMuppets on Tour


I've been playing chess since the 1980's, mostly correspondence. I've been a member of ICCF for a number of years. I'm not too interested in ratings, just good chess. I don't mind losing as long as I don't embarrass myself. I've retired in 2003 and enjoy reading and chess. This position was from a game between me and Holly (my cat).

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