Kajetan Wandowicz

User NameKajetan Wandowicz
Location Bristol, England
Local Time12:53 PM
Date RegisteredMonday, March 2, 2009
Last MoveMonday, October 5, 2015
Moves5,278 (0 this month)
Forum Posts634 (0 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)2014 (329) SM Master
Rating (Chess960)1774 (350)
TeamFICS tournaments
TeamTranslation Group
ICCF RatingUnpublished


Born in Poland but English at heart. I lived in France, Cyprus and southern Spain until realising one day that the food, the wine and the weather are much better in England, and I never looked back.

My Morphy Number is 5: I played Viktor Korchnoi in London in 2011, who played Salo Flohr in Minsk in 1952, who played Géza Maróczy in Rogaska Slatina in 1929, who played Henry Edward Bird in London in 1899, who played Paul Morphy in London in 1858.

My Fischer Number is 2: I beat Jim Sherwin in 2014 who beat Bobby Fischer in 1957.

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