Lumpy Custard Blitz Mayhem #2 Standard Chess

1  David Carter110½010111111111137/480225
2  John Waterfield210½0½½110111111133/480210
3  John Hamer31½1½1½10½01½111132/480234
4  Mirta Crevani410½½½01½½½1½1½1D½24/480190.5
5  Clive Everill5000010½01110110122/480128
6  CLewis73600011½½½00011½1019/480145.5
7  Raymond de Kemp70000½0½01001101117/48094
8  kenneth m day8000000½000½0101111/48052.5
9  Arnold Jones9000000½0D011000007/48053

About Tournament

A tournament for fast movers, bigger than before! Entering will add 18 games to your game list.

Tournament Details

  • This Is a Double round robin tournament (all-play-all With both colours).
  • Three points are awarded for each win, one for a draw.
  • This is a public mini-tournament, which means that it is open to all players meeting any criteria listed here.
  • All games will be played under Standard Chess rules.
  • The time control is 'Blitz' (5 days + 12 hours/move, max 15 days).
  • This mini-tournament was started by CLewis73.
  • This Mini-Tournament is only open to players rated 1600 or over, and 2199 or under.
  • Games will be started together when there are no seats remaining in the tournament.

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Mirta Crevani
Black defaulted
Arnold Jones

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