Crazy Shack is CrazyHouse with limited possibilities of piece drop: pieces can only be dropped on squares which are under attack of existing pieces. (The game has in fact the same rules as DarkCrazyHouse2, but the board is not hidden)


1. Game Rules

The game is played according to the CrazyHouse rules - the pieces are initially set up in standard way, the pieces you capture become yours, and can be dropped on the board, the game ends in checkmate, etc. The only difference is additional rule which limits possible drop squares:

  • piece from hand can only be dropped onto empty square which is already available to some existing piece (you can drop only on the square onto which some your piece already staying on the board could move)

Remaining drop rules stay the same as in CrazyHouse (pieces can be dropped only on empty square, pawns cannot be dropped on the 1st or 8th rank, and if a promoted pawn is captured, it reverts back to a pawn).

Note: you can not drop on the square which is diagonally attacked by the pawn (at least under current implementation).

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2. Game Hints

The game is similar to CrazyHouse but slightly less aggressive (less possibilities to wreak havoc by dropping a piece deep inside enemy camp).

Players with CrazyHouse experience must double-check their intended combinations, especially sacrificial, as it is easy to loose right to drop on some critical square.

Serious hints still to be written


3. Example Games

Forbidden drops - twice in the game white could not play pleasant drop because target squares were not controlled

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