Barry Lockwood Memorial (Chess Variants)

Not Eliminated

PlayerMPRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
6 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
6 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP
9 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP
9 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP
10 1MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP


PlayerMPRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6
12 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP
12 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 3MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 3MP
12 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 3MP
 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP
12 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP
12 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 3MP
12 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
13 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 1MP
 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
13 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 1MP
12 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 
 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 
12 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 
 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 3MP 
12 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 
 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
12 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 
 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
12 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 
 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 3MP 
12 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
13 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 
 1MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 

About this tournament

Start date: 2/4/2008 12:00 AM

Tournament director: spoke

Dropout threshold: 12

The 2008 Chess Variants Tournament will be played in memory of Barry Lockwood, an enthusiastic chess variants player.

The variants to be played will be Barry's favourites:

R1 Benedict,
R2 SunTsu,
R3 Crazy House,
R4 Chicken,
R5 Extinction,
R6 Alice

Please note that the time controls used in this tournament will be '10+1' (ten days plus one day added for each move).

The tournament can be discussed here. Good luck all!

Max and Barry Lockwood

General rules for dropout tournaments

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