Guess the right name (see text tournament page) Standard Chess

1  Ilang11½½½½½1D1D5½/8
2  César Jesús Reyes Maldonado1½0½½1D1D1D15½/8
3  ramesse3½½½½0D11D1D5/8
4  Katarrov4½½0D0D01D1D1D4/8
5  otsenrechess50D0D00D0D0D0D0D0/8

About Tournament

This is a extra interesting tournament. You have the right to guess one name. Guess the right name already now on the Men's Chess World Champion the year 2016. Today the Men's Chess World Champion is Anand from India. But who will the Men's Chess World Champion be the year 2016? That will give you 10 extra points in this tournament. If you had most points also after playing all your 8 games - congratulations!!
You can even win this tournament if you had 0 points after all your played 8 games, but was the only who guessed the right name on the Men's Chess World Champion 2016!!
You have to guess the name on the Men's Chess World Champion 2016 before July 1, 2012. Write the name you guess on in a comment all can read in one of your played games in this tournament. Good Luck! But you will not win a SchemingMind Senior Master Norm because you have guessed the right name, that you can only win in traditional way: Playing good enough chess.

Tournament Details


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