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About Tournament

*** Please DO NOT join this Mini Tourney if you do not want to abide to The Draw Rules! ***

Your being asked to play with this Draw Rule honor system! With this Mini Tourney!

This Rule is not a rule of play here at this site and can't be enforced, but we are all mature enough to play and comply with this to have fun. Though mistakes can happen, and should be hard pressed this all this ... but ...!

FOR EVERYONE WHOM PLAYS, PLEASE EXPRESS TO YOUR OPPONENT AT THE START TO USE THE RULE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THIS SO THERE'S NO I DIDN'T KNOW. If they say no to it play as without and don't get mad or mouth-off, just keep moving on to the next. If acknowledged and then they don't, I believe Austin can force the Draw. If not acknowledged at the start because they won't talk, ask someone of their Country/Language to send a PM to them, if still nothing play as With the Rule and deal with it as above! Hopefully there won't be much mistakes or not complying. JUST PLAY AND HAVE FUN!!!!!

This is for players whom would like to play using the this Obsure, Little known or used, Special Draw Rule. In-which is basicly a way of getting out of a loss to get a Draw instead.

There is more that one way of playing this game! (Without, With, Harder other ways ~ This is why these games are Labeled CHESS VARIANTS!) Without - which better simpler (I hope this stays that way, maybe add a variant with rules enforced, it's harder and cost more to do, money that can be used for other better things!) and more as Standard Chess and play to Win, ~ With the Draw Rule - as stated above and later down further, another is much harder variant(s).

>>>>>>>For this purpose Only Mini<<<<<<<

Special Drawn Game Rules

When you find yourself with a less powerful group of pieces than your opponent, there are two special rules which may draw the game:

I. The Board’s Honor Rule

If there are no unpromoted pawns on the board, and you are at a distinct disadvantage, you may begin counting your moves aloud up to 64 (the number of squares on the board). If you are able to make the 65th move and you haven’t been checkmated, the game is a draw.

II. The Pieces’ Honor Rule

Watch for the situation in which (1) you have a lone king with no remaining pieces and, at the same time (2) there are no unpromoted pawns on the board. At that moment (when your last piece is taken, or your opponent’s last pawn is promoted), you must stop and do some figuring. Follow this system carefully, and you may be able to claim a draw.

1. Find the move count number in this way. First ask,
(1) Does the opponent have 2 rooks? If so, the number is 8.
If not, go to the next question:
(2) Does he have 1 rook? If so the number is 16.
Continue to ask, in this order, until you get an affirmative answer:
(3) 2 bishops? If so, it’s 22; (4) 2 knights? If so, it’s 32;
(5) 1 bishop? If so, it’s 44; (6) any pieces at all? If so, it’s 64.

2. Now that you have the move count number, count all of the pieces on the board, including all of your opponents pieces, his king and your king. For instance if he has 1 rook, 2 bishops, 2 promoted pawns and a king, against your lone king, you count up to 7. (In this example the move count number is 16.)

3. Now, as you make your move (finally, after all that calculating), begin counting from where you left off. In the example above, your move will be counted “8.” You continue to count all of your own moves (in this example, ...9, 10, 11…) up to the move count number (in this example ...16). If you reach the move count number without being checkmated, your opponent has one final move to deliver checkmate. If he can not — congratulations — you’ve drawn the game!


Harder still: Just as an example!!!

Makruk, starting position.
Makruk (thai หมากรุก) (or Thai Chess. Expressed "Makrak", with a low-"shaking" tone while saying "Mak" and a high-level tone when saying "rak") is a board game descended from the 6th century Indian game of chaturanga or a close relative thereof, and therefore related to Western chess. It is regarded as the most similar living game to this common ancestor of all chess variants. Makruk is popular in Thailand and Cambodia.

All pieces move the same as in chess, except

King can jump as a knight on its first move.
Bishop moves one step in any diagonal direction or one step forward (as silver general in Shogi).
Queen (called met or minister) moves one step in any diagonal direction (as the Fers in Shatranj). For its first move this piece can make a double move: white e1-e3, black d8-d6.
In starting position, pawns are placed on 3rd and 6th rank. Queens are placed at the right side of Kings. Pawns promote to Queens when they reach 6th rank. There is no castling.

These are Chess Variants like any other out there or have here people! As I said before there are ways to play this without burdening SM and Private game with like minded whom acknowledge the same so there's next to no mistakes!

Good luck, have fun!

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