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SchemingMind titles are awarded to players who have achieved exceptional results on the site. There are separate titles for standard chess, and for every variant. See the Players/Titled Players page for the official list of titled players.


Please note that these titles are just for fun... no comparison with titles awarded by any other chess organisation is suggested or implied!



  1. Earning the title
    1. Rating criteria
    2. Norms
  2. Available titles
    1. SchemingMind Senior Master
    2. SchemingMind Master
    3. Candidate titles
    4. SchemingMind Expert
    5. Dropout Champion


1. Earning the title

In order to earn a title, you need to achieve an appropriate minumum rating, and also gain necessary norms, by securing good position in suitable mini-tournaments.

Ratings and norms can be obtained in any order (you can gain some norms before reaching the rating limit).


1.1. Rating criteria

To apply for the title, one must reach some minimal rating (see below for the numbers). It suffices to achieve the necessary rating once - even if it later drops, the rating condition is fulfilled.

To verify, whether you satisfy the rating criteria, check your profile page (Games tab). If your Best rating is higher, than the specified minimum, you need only norms to get the title.

Note that the system displays Candidate label, and shows (as candidates) on the titled players page only those players, whose current rating satisfy the rating criteria. But this is just convention of using Candidate title.


1.2. Norms

Title norms are earned by finishing top in the normative mini-tournaments.

To be normative, mini-tournament must:

  • be public,
  • be double round robin (you can not get norm in knockout tournament),
  • finish with at least five players,

place restrictions on participants rating (does not apply to variants titles).

Yes, any public round-robin variant tournament for at least 5 players is normative (for this variant).

On the Find Mini-Tournaments form there are special search clauses which make locating norm tournaments easier.

Note that the tournament must apply rating restrictions to be normative. The tournament which does not apply them is not normative, even if it happens that all participants have necessary rating.


2. Available titles


2.1. SchemingMind Senior Master

SchemingMind Senior Master is the most honorable title offered on the site.

The following criteria are used for this title:

best rating - above 2,200

three title norms are needed

norms are available in tournaments with minimum entry rating of 2000, and are granted to the players who finish on the first and second places.

SM Senior Master titles are awarded for life.

List of SchemingMind Senior Master


2.2. SchemingMind Master

SchemingMind Master title is offered to people who fulfill the following criteria:

best rating above 2,000,

two title norms are needed.

norms are available in tournaments with minimum entry rating of 1800, and are granted to the players who finish on the first, second, and third places.

SM Master titles are awarded for life.

List of SchemingMind Masters


2.3. Candidate titles

People who - at the moment - fulfill the title rating requirements (but not secured the title itself yet), are labelled as title Candidates. So, if somebody has rating over 2200, he or she is labeled Candidate Senior Master, and rating over 2000 grants label Candidate Master. Those players are also displayed on the titles page.

Note, that one looses this Candidate designator if his or her rating drops. Nevertheless, as the full title requirement considers all time best rating instead of current, he or she is still able to get the title - after gathering the necessary norms.


2.4. SchemingMind Expert

Any player with a rating of over 1,800 may call himself a SchemingMind Expert in that variant, there are no normative criteria for this title. Expert titles are only held whilst the required rating is maintained.


2.5. Dropout Champion

This is the winner of one of the annual dropout tournament, this title is not currently displayed on the titled players list or on the players game list, but the winners of these championships are considered by some to be the site champions.

List of Dropout Champions

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