Game folders

Game folders allow you to group games together. Any game played on SchemingMind can be put into a folder, including completed games or ongoing games, your games or games of other players. This feature is only available to full (paying) members of SchemingMind.

To get to the folders page, choose Game Folders from the My Games menu.



1. Creating a New Folder

You can create a new folder by sliding to the bottom of the screen and looking on the left column. On the bottom will be the "New Folder" folder. Click the "New Folder" folder to make a new folder (this is not entirely intuitive,) and name your new folder in the pop-up. You may now access you new folder on the left side.


2. Saving games to folders

To save the game to the folder, visit the game page, then click the

icon below the board. The game folders page will be open in special mode, with Add Game to Folders tab displayed. All the existing folders are displayed there, with checkboxes to mark to which folders the game is to belong. Select the checkboxes sideways folders you want to put the game in (you can put the same game in many folders at once) and click the Save button below.

You can also create the new folder from this screen, just click New Folder icon in the left pane, enter the folder name and save the form. Afterwards you will return to the same Add Game to Folders pane, but with the new folder available sideways those previously used. Mark the checkbox next to the name of your new folder and save the form.

To remove the game from the folder (or move it to another folder), do the same - click the folder icon (

) on the board page, then uncheck/modify the checkboxes according to your needs.



3. Managing folders

To get to the folders page, choose Game Folders from the My Games menu.

To create a new folder, simply click on New Folder on the left side and enter a name for the folder when prompted.

To access a folder, go to the folders page and click on the folder name, The games in the folder will be listed, and you can click on any game in the folder to open that game.

To add the folder description, and/or select dedicated piece set, select the folder and click the tab Folder properties. Edit the form to your needs, then click Update Folder.

To delete the folder, also visit the Folder Properties tab, mark delete folder checkbox and its confirmation, then click Update Folder. The folder ceases to exist. The games which were in it are not deleted, but unless they are also in another folder, may need to be located via player history.


4. Using folders to switch piece set for some games

One of the uses of the game folders is to switch piece set for some selected games. For example, some people use different set for particularly important games (to easily distinguish them and avoid making move in a hurry accidentally), others assign different sets according to the game variant (to avoid making Atomic move in Benedict game, for example).

To use the folder for such purpose:

create new folder (see above) which will be holding the games (name it reasonably, for example CrazyHouse games),

  • visit properties tab of this folder and select the piece set you would like to use,
  • put the games which are to be displayed in this set to this folder

Since then, any of those games will be displayed in this set (not only when they are visited via folders, but always, also when visited from normal game list).

Note: if the same game is put simultaneously into more than one folder, the effects are indeterministic (based on internal database logic), it will be displayed using ... any one of the sets assigned to those folders (and note that folders for which you did not change the set have your default set assigned).


5. What can they be used for

Folders can be used for any purpose which require gathering the games into groups. Here are some of the ways that SchemingMind members are taking advantage of the game folders feature (of course folder names are given as example, you can pick any names you like).

(games in progress)

Watched Games - noticed interesting games just played by other players (one can save every interesting game to such folder, then visit it to view how are they progressing).

My Racing Kings, My CrazyHouse, ... - currently played games in different variants. For every such folder one can pick dedicated piece set. This way every kind of game is displayed in different piece set, and it is easier to avoid mistakes like making atomic move in benedict game....

(finished games)

My Good Games - the place where one can save particularly good own (finished) games.

Instructive: Najdorf, Instructive: Kings Gambit, ... (usually the openings one is frequently playing) - the place where noticed instructive games (both own, and played by others) can be saved for easy future reference.

My: Najdorf, My: French, ... (as above, openings from own repertoire) - completed games grouped by opening, so one can quickly review what moves worked or didn't work in a particular opening. This is handy not only for standard chess, but also for certain variants in which exact opening play is important.

  • Instructive variant games (separate folder for every frequently played variant).

And, possibly, more...

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