Holiday blocks are a great function of the site that let you pause the clock on all your games so you can go on a vacation, or if you're just too busy, and you don't have to worry about running out of time.


1. Available holiday

Each player is entitled use up to 28 days of holiday (note: this is still debated and may increase, see this forum thread; until 2011 everybody had four one week holiday blocks per year).

New holiday days are assigned to all players before the beginning of a calendar year (in some advance - most likely a month or even a few).

Newly registered players obtain part of the holiday proportional to the remaining time of the year (so, for example, player registering on the end of the July gets about 14 days - half of normal holiday).

Exact formula is: ((366 - day of year registered) * allocation) / 366

Additional holiday allowance can be allocated under difficult circumstances, message Austin in such case. Please note that additional holiday will only be granted in unforseen and unavoidable circumstances (for example hospitalisation).

TODO: Correct numbers above once holiday lenght debate ends.


2. Using holiday

Holiday must be spent during the calendar year it is assigned to. Unused holiday is lost. Holiday assigned for future year can not be taken earlier (but can be booked in advance).

Holiday can be allocated in periods of any lenght, from single day up to all remaining holiday days.

Holiday always starts and ends at midnight GMT.

You can't take holiday for past days, or for today.

Note that 'today' might be tomorrow, or yesterday, depending on where in the world you live, to be safe book the holiday at least two days in advance.


3. Taking holiday

To take a holiday, go to the Holiday form (Holidays in the My Details menu). Here you can choose how many days of holiday to take and when. Simply click the days you want to book holiday for. The dates will turn bold ant their background to grey, that's the mark of booked holiday.


(at the image above 8th and 9th were just booked).

Future holiday can be also canceled here, just click the booked (bold) date to cancel the booking.

Currently it is impossible to message opponents while taking the holiday (as it was possible up to September 2011). This feature may be added back in some future.

The information about your holiday will be added to every game you play (Player X is on holiday for y days from z).

You can modify your holiday also while you are on the holiday.


4. How the holiday works

When you use holiday time;

  • your clocks in each of your games will be paused for the duration of your holiday,
  • you can not be challenged by other players until your holiday is over,
  • you will not be allocated any welcome games,
  • in case new game is started for you (say, somebody joins minitournament you play), the start date will be set to your return date.

You can move in your games whilst on holiday, however time increments will not be added to your clock for these moves.

If your opponent accepts conditional moves while you are on holiday, you will not get the increment too (this is considered to be a flaw and may change in the future).

The holiday applies to all your games, including the games started during it – also in the games you start whilst on holiday, or games started on your behalf (for example new tournament or team game), the clock remains paused.


5. Checking the holiday end date

The holiday ends exactly at the midnight GMT at which the last allocated day ends. So if you take two days of holiday for January 20th and January 21th, the clock will be frozen for exactly 48 hours – since the midnight GMT ending January 19th and will start ticking at midnight GMT ending January 20th.

The information when the holiday ends is shown on the Holiday form, shortened notes are also visible on the games list and game board windows.

TODO: replace example below with current screenshot

Note that if you move mouse over the

icon, you will be displayed hint showing when exactly (up to the minute) the holiday ends, like on the picture below:


The time can be shown in GMT, or in your local time, depending on your preferences setting.


6. Holiday limitations

Holiday does not protect you against pyramids 30-days inactivity rule.

It also does not extend the time you have to join dropouts, mini-tournaments, organise team matches etc.

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