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Your 'buddy list' is a list of your friends on SchemingMind.com - people, whom for some purpose you want to be able to reach easily. 

1. What are Buddy Lists for

Adding people to your buddy list will enable you to find them quickly when you wish to challenge them to a game or send them a message. Having somebody on the Buddy List you are two clicks from reaching his (or her) profile and having access to all the options present on it.

Buddy Lists can be also used for some other purposes:

  • you can limit game challenges to those people on your buddy list only - so it's possible to ensure that the only people who start games against you are your friends,
  • if you are team captain, you can restrict entry to the team(s) you manage only to the people present on your buddy list,

finally, you can restrict access to some tournament you start, to only those people on your buddy list.

You can split your Buddy List into categories (for example, 'My family', 'Friends from work', or 'My team'), creating and removing categories as necessary. Except of making management of longer lists easier, it also lets one use only selected list for the purposes mentioned above (so, for instance, you can use one list to limit access to some team, and another one, to limit access to some tournament).


2. Managing Buddy Lists

To add or remove people from your buddy list, please visit their profile page (displayed when you click their name anywhere). Click the 'Buddy List' tab, and you will see the list of all your Buddy List categories. Select/deselect checkboxes according to your needs, and click Update.

To view the contents of your Buddy List, click menu 'Players/Buddy List', or click 'Buddy List' tab on your own profile window.

In the same window you can add or delete categories. Please note, that if you delete a category, all the names within that category will be removed from your buddy list (unless they are also present in some other category).

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