Amberley excelled at chess - one mark, Watson, of a scheming mind.

The Adventure of the Retired Colourman, Conan Doyle

Welcome to

Welcome to SchemingMind Correspondence Chess Club, where you can play online correspondence chess and chess variants against players from all around the world!

Play all your games in your browser and be notified about your opponents' moves by email.


We have three types of account, "Full Member", "Trial Member" and "Guest". New players are assigned trial membership and enjoy most of the benefits of full membership for their first fifty games.  There is an option to upgrade to full membership for an annual subscription of £20.00 GBP at any time.  Those who do not wish to subscribe may continue indefinitely as a free guest player after completing their trial games.

Primary Benefits

The benefits of full membership include unlimited games, the ability to challenge other players to friendly games, the ability to start and join mini-tournaments and teams, and full access to our openings database, the Game Explorer. We offer our own internal titles (SchemingMind Master and SchemingMind Senior Master).  Full members are listed on the top players titles and rating lists.

Chess Variants

As well as Standard Chess and Chess960, SchemingMind offers around forty different chess variants, for example CrazyHouse, Suicide, Atomic, and Alice Chess; we also have some unique chess variants which are exclusive to the site.


SchemingMind offers several different types of mini-tournament, including Single Round Robin, Double Round Robin, and Knockout. We also offer large annual Dropout tournaments for full members to determine the site champion in Standard Chess, Chess960, and chess variants.


SchemingMind has several thriving teams. Teams have their own private discussion forum, can play friendly matches against other teams, and can take part in the SchemingMind Standard Chess and Chess960 leagues.


We run several pyramids in various time controls and chess variants; can you climb to the top of the pyramid? Pyramids are open to all users of the site, including guests.

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