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Counties & Districts

It's that time of year again!

Despite the current season not having finished, we are opening up the Clearinghouse again!

For the next season, we will be supporting team captains in the raising of teams for West Wales, East Wales and potentially North Wales. In addition, a Lancashire team exists with strong Welsh roots.

If you are interested in taking part next season please get in touch at [email protected], indicating your team of interest.

Counties and Districts is a commitment to two games and the lower divisions are ideal for beginners!

As an example, the current Top division may be seen at https://www.iccf.com/event?id=71174



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Turning the Table(base)s

New Article

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Wales now has more active correspondence players per chess player than any other country in the world

The figures below are taken from the number of active players on the ICCF database per active player on the FIDE database from the same country.

The credit for this phenomenal success can be attributed to our close working relationship with the Welsh Chess Union and the efforts of Ian Jones, Peter Bevan, Paul Scott, Mark Adams and others in promoting CC around the chess clubs and leagues.

It's also good to see England and Scotland in the top ten, proving that British correspondence chess is alive, well, and thriving!

Wales 21.17%
Cape Verde 14.02%
Japan 13.51%
England 11.65%
Panama 11.56%
Scotland 10.25%
Finland 8.62%
Australia 5.46%
Netherlands 4.36%
Belarus 4.29%
New Zealand 3.77%
Indonesia 3.75%
Germany 3.65%
Cuba 3.57%
Slovakia 3.42%
Canada 3.41%
Switzerland 3.19%
Sweden 3.14%
Latvia 2.66%
Hong Kong 2.53%
Austria 2.52%
Luxembourg 2.42%
Iceland 2.15%
Italy 2.08%
Estonia 2.06%
Romania 1.91%
Slovenia 1.89%
U.S.A. 1.89%
Lithuania 1.83%
Guatemala 1.82%
Czech Republic 1.81%
Argentina 1.66%
Portugal 1.62%
Ukraine 1.54%
Norway 1.43%
Ireland 1.33%
Peru 1.29%
Nicaragua 1.25%
Poland 1.19%
South Africa 1.18%
Denmark 1.13%
Russia 1.07%
Belgium 0.95%
Brazil 0.88%
Venezuela 0.85%
Israel 0.84%
Spain 0.78%
Croatia 0.66%
Hungary 0.57%
Chile 0.45%
France 0.45%
Ecuador 0.24%
Turkey 0.23%
Greece 0.20%
India 0.12%
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and that' s 300!

Confirming as the premier website for news on Correspondence Chess in Wales and beyond we have now posted our 300th  article!

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Do you have what it takes to be a Welsh Irregular?

The Welsh Irregulars are looking for new places to take part in the British Webserver Team Tournament. This opportunity is particularly relevant to new of sub 2100 rated players.

If you are interested, get in touch via the contact us on the webpage

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and now for something completely different.....

If you are looking for a change of pace why not try the Winton British Chess Solving Championship 2018-2019. 


Details are in the attached file - remember to mention the WCCF website if you do decide to enter!



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Moving on up!

New Article - Moving on Up: 2400 and beyond!

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Player Reminder

A reminder for ALL players - if you have any outstanding entry fees to be paid, please ensure this is done prior to July 1st 2018 as I don't want to list any debtors!

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Player Interview

Today we have a special treat, an interview with a powerhouse of German CC Player Development: GM Matjaž Pirš

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Another door closes!

and that's another rating period closed, pending publication of the 2018/3 list a few congratulations are in order...

Paul Keevil - Welcome to the 2300 Club!

Sean Denton and Fred Clough - Welcome to the 2200 Club!

Andrew Gibbons and Sean Denton deserve special mention based on 40+ elo gain!

Provisionally the new Top 20

1 WLS 210855 Tony Balshaw 2454
2 WLS 810209 Gareth Yeo 2425
3 WLS 810160 John Claridge 2417
4 WLS 211672 Austin Lockwood 2387
5 WLS 810183 Ian Jones 2382
6 WLS 810202 Helen Sherwood 2381
7 WLS 810243 Craig Evans 2366
8 WLS 810179 Peter Varley 2363
9 WLS 810161 Russell Sherwood 2351
10 WLS 810139 Mark Adams 2343
11 WLS 810182 Phillip Dean 2333
12 WLS 810247 Paul Hatchett 2321
13 WLS 810212 Alex Sherwood 2320
14 WLS 810163 Paul Keevil 2319
15 WLS 810208 Adam Davies 2296
16 WLS 810137 John Thornton 2291
17 WLS 810233 Paul Scott 2277
18 WLS 810175 John Williams 2275
19 WLS 810211 Dale Cannon 2274
20 WLS 810057 Glynn Sinnett 2246

Overall, another very positive Quarter for Welsh CC! It is a reminder of the journey so far that it is only FOUR years ago that we were fielding sub-2000 elo players in major team events


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New Month, New Titles

Pending the publishing of the 2018/3 rating list congratulation to new Welsh CC Title Holders:

Craig Evans - Welsh CC Master

Paul Keevil - Welsh CC Expert

John Thornton - Welsh CC Expert


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Norm Watch

Ian Jones recent golden vein of form continues with a IM Norm in Champions League 2017 C3 Board 2


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George D. Pyrich Memorial Tournaments


George D. Pyrich Memorial Tournaments


The Scottish Correspondence Chess Association ('SCCA') announced in March 2018 its intention to organise some special tournaments in memory of our dear friend George Pyrich, who sadly died on 16 December 2017.   SCCA thanks those Federation who have already responded very positively to the invitation to participate in the memorial events, however, we would encourage those Federations who have not responded to do so as soon as possible.

All players who I believe knew George has been contacted but if you were not included on that list and are interested please get in touch. Priority will be given to friends of George's

If you want more details please get in touch.



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3rd Interzonal Individual Tournament

We are looking to nominate players to this event in the range 2200-2375, 

More details in an email sent to eligible players

If you an interested please get in touch by the 29th of May


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Norm Watch

Congratulations to Aytac Yuce on picking up a CCE Norm in Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament SF2 Board 2

da iawn!


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Ian Jones recent rampage continues with a perfect 7/7 score in Swansea University Invitational Tournament, a 7 round rapidplay.

Who says Correspondence players cannot play OTB?


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Wales v Italy - Finalised Team

Thank-you to all those who have volunteered to take part, in which will be our largest friendly match to date on 41 boards!

The Italian's are now putting their team together so we can match opponents as closely as possible.

More instructions will be issued closer to the start of the event

1 810209 CM Yeo, Gareth 2407 Registered >2420
2 810160 IM Claridge, John B. 2404 Registered
3 211672   Lockwood, Austin 2393 Registered
4 211672   Lockwood, Austin 2393 Registered
5 810202 LG Sherwood, Helen 2386 Registered
6 810202 LG Sherwood, Helen 2386 Registered
7 810183 CM Jones, Ian 2360 Registered
8 810161 CM Sherwood, Russell 2355 Registered
9 810161 CM Sherwood, Russell 2355 Registered
10 810212 CE Sherwood, Alexander 2332 Registered
11 810137   Thornton, John D. 2291 Registered
12 810233 CE Scott, Paul 2271 Registered
13 810057 CE Sinnett, Glyn 2239 Registered
14 810259   Denton, Sean 2176 Registered
15 810259   Denton, Sean 2176 Registered
16 810165   Bailey, S. 2154 Registered
17 810075   Wakeham, Marc R. 2128 Registered
18 810075   Wakeham, Marc R. 2128 Registered
19 810195   Bevan, Peter M. 2105 Registered
20 810222   Smith, Andrew 2080 Registered
21 810222   Smith, Andrew 2080 Registered
22 810248   Hurn, Robert 1994 Registered
23 810197   Thomas, Vaughan 1942 Registered
24 810156   Ricketts, Martin 1883 Registered
25 810269   Wilmot-Stoyle, Daniel  0 Registered 1887 OTB
26 810269   Wilmot-Stoyle, Daniel  0 Registered 1887 OTB
27 810187   Wilson, Mark 1787 Registered
28 810251   Soar, Timothy 1711 Registered
29 810205   Meara, Paul 1651 Registered
30 810102   Guy, David T. 1645 Registered
31 810102   Guy, David T. 1645 Registered
32 810188   Flew, Bill 1628 Registered
33 810198   Thomas, Dennis 1582 Registered
34 810181   Hallwood, Reg 1544 Registered
35 810217   Richards, Michael 1330 Registered
36 810176   Chugg, Malcolm 1318 Registered
37 810241   Sipho, Donovan 0 Registered
38 810241   Sipho, Donovan 0 Registered
39 212222   Morgan, Philip D. 0 Registered
40 810240   Jones, Dewi 0 Registered
41 810268   Mccarthy, Maurice 0 Registered




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News from the Front

In this new monthly feature, we will bring a roundup of performance in a number of events. It will run in Four  sections:

  1. Non-National Team Events
  2. National Team Events:
  3. Individual Events: International Team Events and similar
  4. Friendly Matches:

So first up we have Non-National Team Events

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Fourth British Webserver Team Tournament now completed

Congratulations to the winners, ICCF Warriors!

Engraved trophies will be awarded at the ICCF Congress in Llandudno, in August.

Entries are now open for the Fifth edition of this tournament, please see the annuncement lower down the page.

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