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New Title Tournaments: An Overview


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2019/1 Rating List Review

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New Welsh Title holders

With the publication of the new rating 2019/1 rating list we find a glut of new Welsh CC Titleholders. 5 new Welsh CC Experts are named:

Paul Hatchett

John Thornton

Peter Bevan

Sean Denton

Stephen Bailey


Well done all!

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Applications sought.......

Our friends in the BdF (German Federation) have issued a number of invites to us for their Invitational events in 2019. Details are shown below.

If you wish to be considered please get in touch with Russell Sherwood by the 31st January 2019.

Two clarifications: (1) Entries are based on the 2019/2 rating list - This is the one based on results up till the end of February 2019 and (2) Only ICCF or FIDE ratings will be considered.





Player ICCF Elo 2019/2 2435+

1 Player





Player ICCF Elo 2019/2 2415+

1 Player





Player ICCF Elo 2019/2 2385+

1 Player





Player ICCF Elo 2019/2 2365+

1 Player


BdF D 10



Player ICCF Elo 2019/2 2315+

1 Woman



BdF S 10



1 Woman


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Norm Watch

Congratulations to Mark Adams in picking up his first IM Norm in WS/MN/169

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States and Regions Correspondence Chess Championship

Congratulations to "US West" for a clean sweep of Division One (US West 1) and Division Two (US West 2).



Congratulations also to Štajerska from Slovenia for winning Division Three.


Season Two of the States and Regions will resume in April 2019 and will again be open to international teams representing specific regions, however following a number of concerns raised about the Hutton pairing format, the second season will take a more conventional all play all format.

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Tournament Update

Welsh games in Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament SF2 came to a conclusion win a win and draw for Peter Bevan.

Whilst still waiting for other games to finish, the worst we can now come in third place, so qualification is assured for the Finals, starting in Q2 2019.

Another fantastic result for Welsh CC, with the team having started as one of the lowest rated. and the team having amassed 4 CCE and 2 CCM Norms, plus two board first places!

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Welshbase update

89 new games this month with a few interesting highlights:

Gareth Yeo adding draws against a GM, SIM and IM!

Russell Sherwood completing the longest Welsh CC game in ICCF History!


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Bill Flew RIP

It is with our deepest sorrow that WCCF announce the death of Bill Flew, who sadly passed away on 3rd December.  Our thoughts are with his family.

A memorial tournament will be organised in due course.

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A New Membership Model

On Sunday, WCCF voted to adopt a completely new model of membership.

The former model gave a vote to affiliated "member organisations", but none to individual players; this worked well when the federation launched in 2012, however as the number of active players has continued to expand, it has become clear that the membership model was out of date and far from democratic.  Nothing illustrated this more than the fact that of eight players attending the AGM, only two held voting cards.

We have now moved to individual membership.

This website will be updated over the coming weeks to reflect this change, and the minutes of the meeting published shortly, but essentially we now have three types of membership:

National Members: National members are any player who plays under the Welsh flag, and just wants to get on with playing chess.  National membership is free and gives members access to international ICCF tournaments and most Welsh national tournaments, however national members do not have a vote and neither can they hold office in the federation.

Premium Members: Premium members pay a small annual subscription (£5.00) to support the federation, they can vote at meetings and they can also hold office.  WCCF may organise touraments to which only Premium members may enter, or there may be a differential entry fee in favour of premium members.  Nominations to invitational events, or to the WCCC cycle, may be limited to premium members.

International Members: International membership is open to players who play under any flag other than the flag of Wales in ICCF, annual international membership costs £10.00; we are planning a series of open tournaments, which our international members will be able to compete in.

All members will have access to restricted areas of the website.

Premium and International membership for 2019 is now open; just log onto the website with your usual ICCF credentials, and follow the "My Membership" link from the dropdown at the top right.

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Proposed New Constitution

On Sunday, the WCCF AGM will vote on the adoption of a new constitution; if accepted, this will represent a significant change in the way that the organisation is managed and our players represented, both nationally and internationally.

WCCF has its roots in the former British Postal Chess Federation (BPCF), later called the British Federation for Correspondence Chess (BFCC). When BPCF was formed in the 1960s, correspondence chess in the UK was rather splintered, with several different organisations competing for players. In order for Great Britain to be represented in ICCF, it was neccessary to form a "parent" organisation so that each of these separate clubs could be represented. Unlike many national CC organisations, the members of BPFC were organisations rather than individuals.

WCCF emerged from (what was by then) BFCC in 2012, and retained the same membership structure and many of the same member organisations; this structure worked well in the early days when there were few active players and we received a great deal of support from our member organisations. However, the democratic validity of this model has some significant deficiencies, and we should now seriously question whether or not it best represents our players.

  1. As we only have a small number of member organisations (currently five), and in the modern era of international online correspondence chess, it's very unlikely that new national correspondence clubs will emerge; under the current system there can never be more than five votes cast for any particular motion.
  2. Because there is only room for a small number of voting members, the pool of available officials is small, and engaging new volunteers is a thankless task. We wish to avoid the possibility of a small number of members voting each other into office in perpetuity by ensuring that the pool of voting members is significantly larger than the pool of prospective candidates.
  3. In order to have any form of representation in WCCF, currently it is necessary for a player to be a member of one of the member organisations, and even then, representation is not guaranteed and is dependent upon the democratic rights within that organisation.

This model is out of date, and undemocratic in the modern age; the proposed new constitution seeks to empower and enfranchise all Welsh players as individual members of WCCF.

Any Welsh player or representative of a current member organisation interested in this issue is cordially invited to attend the WCCF AGM on Sunday 25th November at the Premier Inn, Cardiff City Centre (Meeting Room One), 10 Churchill Way, Cardiff. The agenda and proposed new constitution are attached to the announcement below.

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2018 Annual General Meeting, Agenda

Please find attached the agenda for the 2018 WCCF Annual General Meeting, to be held on Sunday 25th November at the Premier Inn, Cardiff City Centre (Meeting Room One), 10 Churchill Way, Cardiff.

Any player wishing to attend should inform the secretary ([email protected]); some of us will be going out for a meal after the meeting, please let me know if you wish to join us!

Please send nominations for EC positions and items for discussion under other buisness in advance of the meeting.

(Update - an updated version of the proposed consitution was uploaded on 11/11/2018)

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To All Welsh players involved in teams in these events:

The starts have been delayed due to a technical issue and will commence as soon as possible. More details as we receive them!

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Norm Watch

Congratulations to Adam Davies on picking up a CCM Norm in WCCC41PR01

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Welshbase Update

Welshbase has been updated with 94 new games. A fairly quiet month, although 7 new draws against IM and 5 against SIM


Standout game for the month is a gem from Mark Adams shown below

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Joining the Club!

We are always pleased to welcome players into the "GM Club". Here we have Paul Scott's first result against Matjaz Pirs!

What is nice to see is the level of moves not directly anticipated by engines!

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CCM Title for Paul Keevil

Congratulations to Paul Keevil on achieving his 2nd CCM Norm and the Title in WCCF 6th Invitational.

Paul now begins his hunt for the IM Title!

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A spicy little number!

An interesting game here from Paul Scott, showing good use of the Svenshnikov!

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European Club Cup

A nice write up of the ECC, including photos and discussion of WCCF President Peter Bevan's win over an IM

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Norm Watch

Congratulations to Aytac Yuce on picking up a CCM Norm in  Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament SF2 Board 2

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Team Captain Report: British CC Team Championship 2017

The (Non-national) Y Dreigiau Cymreig team have achieved a dominant and almost unassailable position with a score of 11/16 with 6 wins and 10 draws.

A close examination of the remaining games shows the mathematical possibility of BCCA Capablanca and Trophy Hunters overhauling them to be remote and defaults look not to be able to interfere with the true result.

The Dragons

1. Adam Davies 2. Helen Sherwood 3.Russell Sherwood 4. Ian Jones 5. Mark Adams 6. Alex Sherwood 7. Craig Evans 8. Fred Clough

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AGM Resource

The WCCF PPT Template may be found here

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11 October 2018: Tournament announcement

Note: Apart from Group F, these events should attract Title Norms

Reply to: [email protected]

Site: ICCF Webserver
International Open in 6 categories (rating list 2018-4)
Organizer: Postal Chess Federation of Venezuela FEDAPVEN
Time control: Triple Block (302)
Start date:  November 30, 2018


- 50 USD to winner of each section in groups A, B, C, D.
- 30 USD to winner of each section in groups E and F.

Registration by Participant: 12 USD via PayPal ([email protected]).

TO: César Jesús Reyes Maldonado (VEN)
TD: IA Juan Martello (ARG)

Group A

11-13 Players
Cat.: 5 to 8 (2351-2450)

Group B

11-13 Players
Cat.: 1 to 4 (2251-2350)

Group C

11-13 Players
Cat.: L (2226-2250)

Group D

11-13 Players
Cat.: E to H (2051-2150)

Group E

9-11 Players
Cat.: A to D (1951-2050)

Group F

9-11 Players
Cat.: Under 1951


REGISTRATION CLOSURE: NOVEMBER 28, 2018. On the date of closing of registrations, the groups will be formed by maximum quota, distributing in the most equitable way possible to the players by country and rating. An extension of the closing date of the records can be decided if there is a group that does not complete its minimum quota of participants.


Reply to: [email protected]

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WCCF Annual General Meeting and Correspondence Chess Workshop

The 2018 WCCF Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday 25th November at the Premier Inn, Cardiff City Centre (Meeting Room One), 10 Churchill Way, Cardiff from 14:30 to 17:30.

All Welsh players are invited to attend; numbers may be limited, so please register your attendance in advance with the secretary by email to [email protected]

Any agenda items or proposals should be sent to the secretary no later than Saturday 10th November.

The meeting will be preceded by an open correspondence chess workshop to be held from 13:00 to 14:00.

The full agenda and details of the workshop will be distributed two weeks before the date of the meeting.

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