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World Cadets Rapid and Blitz Championships: Day 2

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World Cadets Rapid and Blitz Championships day 2

The 2nd FIDE World Cadets Rapid and Blitz Championships among boys and girls under 8, 10 and 12 years are underway in Minsk, Belarus from 22nd till 24th of June.

5 rounds have been played on the second day of the World Cadets Rapid Chess Championship and after the final 9th round we have the names of the winners and medalists.

Results in Rapid:

Boys U8:

1. Khumoyun Begmuratov (Uzbekistan) - 8.5 points out of 9, 2. Aleksandr Usov - 8, 3. Platon Krasnoperov - 7.5 (both from Russia).

Girls U8:

1. Varvara Kuzmina (Russia) - 8, 2. Wiktoria Smietanska (Poland) - 7.5, 3. Alina Prochaieva (Ukraine) - 7.

Boys U10:

1. Tykhon Cherniaiev (Ukraine) - 7.5, 2. Patrik Pershin - 7.5, 3. Ivan Tokmantsev - 7.5 (both from Russia).

Girls U10:

1. Samantha Edithso (Indonesia) - 8.5, 2. Afruza Khamdamova (Uzbekistan) - 7.5, 3. Anna Shukhman (Russia) - 7.

Boys U12:

1. Bardiya Daneshvar (Iran) - 8, 2. Almas Rakhmatullaev (Uzbekistan) - 8, 3. Artsiom Strybuk (Belarus) - 7.5.

Girls U12:

1. Umida Omonova (Uzbekistan) - 7.5, 2. Veronika Shubenkova - 7, 3. Mariya Alekseenko - 7 (both from Russia).

On June 24th, Minsk will host the second World Cadets Blitz Chess Championship among boys and girls under 8, 10 and 12 years old. The awarding ceremony will take place at 5:30 pm after the end of the World Blitz Championship.

The championships are held in Palace of Sport in Minsk, Belarus. 747 young chess players from 27 countries are taking part in the event.



British embassy ambassador in Minsk Fionna Gibb and other distinguished guests visited the second tournament day and talked to the young players from England.


More than 50 arbiters are taking care of the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championship, the Chief Arbiter is IA Takis Nikolopoulos.


GM and famous trainer Vladimir Tukmakov had a presentation of his new book in the media center.


Chess photo exhibition of RCF Press Officer Etery Kublashvili and FIDE Press Officer Anastasiya Karlovich, which was organized by Belarus Chess Federation, is placed near the playing hall. Thus, children and their parents can see the photos of chess legends and young players.

 Photo Gallery

World Cadets Rapid and Blitz Championships started in Belarus

The 2nd FIDE World Cadets Rapid & Blitz Championships among boys and girls under 8, 10 and 12 years old have started in Minsk, Belarus on 22nd of June. The championships will be held in Palace of Sport in Minsk, Belarus. 747 young chess players from 27 countries are taking part in the event. 4 rounds of the rapid Championship were played on June 22, the rest 5 rounds are scheduled on June 23rd. The blitz championship will take place on June 24.


The opening ceremony was attended by Chairman of the City Executive Committee of Minsk Andrei Shorets, First Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus Vyacheslav Durnov, Head of the Belarusian Chess Federation Anastasia Sorokina, and FIDE official representative, the tournament’s Chief Arbiter IA Takis Nikolopoulos, British embassy ambassador in Minsk Fionna Gibb and other distinguished guests.


Chief Arbiter and the Chairman of the FIDE Arbiters Commission Takis Nikolopoulos greeted the guests and participants at the opening ceremony, which took place just before the start of the first round:

“Dear Mr. Durnov, First Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism, dear Anastasia Sorokina, Head of the Belarusian Chess Federation, dear Andrei Shorets City Executive Committee of Minsk,

Dear participants

Ladies and gentlemen

It is a great honour for me to welcome all of you here, on behalf of the World Chess Federation uniting 189 countries of the world, in this beautiful city of Minsk for the second edition of the World Cadet Rapid and Blitz Championships.

Belarus has been very active in the international chess scene and we are confident that all the tournaments and events which they undertake to organise, will be held according to the highest standards.

I am sure many of you have already experienced their warm hospitality and are enjoying great conditions here in Minsk

I wish you a successful tournament and a pleasant stay in Minsk

Gens Una Sumus”.


Chairman of the City Executive Committee of Minsk Andrei Shorets


Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus Vyacheslav Durnov


Head of the Belarusian Chess Federation Anastasia Sorokina


First Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Maxim Ryzhenkov visited the venue during the third round.

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1st World Team Championship for Disabled 2018

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are honored to announce that the 1st World Team Championship for Disabled will take place in Dresden, Germany, from 14th to 21st of October 2018 under the patronage of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). The very successful World Championships for Disabled in the years 2013-2015-2017 allowed us to gather a lot of experience. We have received exceedingly positive feedback during these tournaments and this is what drives us to create an excellent framework for all the players of the 1st World Team Championship, so that this event will be a lasting experience for all participants.


We would be delighted to welcome sportsmen and women from your federation to this first World Team Championship.

Be there!

Dr. Dirk Jordan
Tournament President

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World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018

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FIDE World Junior Chess Championship 2018 (open & girls under 20) will be held in Kocaeli - Gebze, Turkey from September 4th to 16th 2018. The Championship will be organized by the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF).



wjcc2018 poster
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Bidding opens to Host the 2020 World Chess Candidates Tournament


London-based World Chess, the official organizer of the World Chess Championship Cycle, in partnership with FIDE, the sport’s governing body, has today published the ‘Call of Interest’ to find a host for the 2020 World Chess Candidates Tournament. Chess federations, sport or commercial organizations, cities and countries are encouraged to apply.

The Candidates is one of the most exciting events in the sport, and the most intense: eight top grandmasters fight for a shot at the World Championship title. The winner of the tournament will play against the reigning Champion in the Match later that year.

The last Candidates Tournament, held in Berlin, Germany, had a media reach of 1.5 billion people. The online viewing audience reached 7 million. The last World Championship match, held in New York between Carlsen Magnus and Sergey Karjakin, in 2016, enjoyed record-breaking coverage with the total media audience for the whole event topping 1.5 billion. Ticket sales revenue topped $700,000.

World Chess is breaking with the tradition of ‘outsourcing’ the organization of chess events — a standard policy in the past. It will grant the winning hosting party the position of National Partner with specific sponsorship and commercial rights, allowing the Tournament to be more profitable. World Chess will be responsible for ‘look and feel’ of the Tournament and its digital presence, preserving and developing the brand of chess.

Ilya Merenzon, the chief executive of World Chess, said: “Chess is a unique sport: it’s both traditional and modern. We will be very happy to bring this amazing tournament to a country where all of these attributes shine.

We are looking forward to working with chess federations, politicians and entrepreneurs to make this event global.”

Visa eligibility, ease of travel, infrastructure, national sponsor interest, media presence and financial conditions will be considered as part of the criteria for suitability.

Bids should be presented not later than on 15th December 2018, 13:00 GMT by email to: [email protected]

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The Schism between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Presidential Board

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The Schism between Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the Presidential Board

The Presidential Board held in Minsk on 7-8 April, 2018 agreed that the relevant extracts of the Minutes of the 25-26 March, 2017 Presidential Board Meeting, the 10 April, 2017 Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting and the 13-14 October, 2017 Executive Board Meeting regarding the President’s situation be published.


In the 25-26 March, Presidential Board Meeting, at the end of the Agenda, the President raised again the discussion of the Agon debts. This matter had been discussed in detail earlier in the Meeting and the Board had agreed to set up a Committee of the Treasurer, Adrian Siegel and elected Vice President, Israel Gelfer to discuss these debts with Ilya Merenzon and to report to the Presidential Board the next day session about the payments to FIDE.

It was during this discussion that the President was making proposals trying to involve FIDE in his personal problems with Agon and to try and use FIDE to gain control of Agon by blackmailing them with the fact they had a debt to FIDE. As you can see from the Minutes, the Presidential Board did not want to fight with the President, but the President kept returning to the subject. The President did not deny anything that Mr Makropoulos revealed regarding their discussions. Finally the President declared his resignation and thus it was over the matter of the Agon debt that the conflict between the President and the Presidential Board started.

The following are the Minutes of this matter. Please see link here


The 10 April Extraordinary Presidential Board Meeting was called to discuss what further actions should be taken by FIDE following the President’s declaration of resignation in the March meeting.

After FIDE announced that the President declared his resignation, the President returned to Russia and immediately denied that he had resigned and started insulting the whole Presidential Board. He started giving interviews saying that the Americans and Kasparov were behind this and that there was a coup attempt being led by the Deputy President and the Executive Director.

During the Meeting, the President apologised for providing wrong information to the media and admitted that he had even asked Ms. Tsedenova to prepare a letter of resignation and that also whatever decision the Presidential Board took, he would agree with it. The Presidential Board unanimously reconfirmed the decision that the Powers of the FIDE President are fully delegated to the FIDE Deputy President and the President agreed that he would withdraw his previous statement that he would reclaim his powers. Finally the Presidential Board unanimously agreed that Mr Ilyumzhinov, while remaining as FIDE President, no longer could act on behalf of FIDE.

The following are the Minutes regarding the situation of the President. Please see link here


Unfortunately, the President did not respect the decisions of the FIDE Presidential Board and continued to claim to act on behalf of FIDE. He persisted in attacking Presidential Board members and the attacks were becoming personal and defamatory.

The 13-14 October Executive Board Meeting unanimously ratified the decision of the 10 April Extraordinary Presidential Board. The Deputy President in his Report raised the matter of the President’s behaviour, giving documented concrete examples of the attacks. He also requesting the President to stop those around him from spreading these stories. At no time did the President deny any matter raised by the Deputy President. The Treasurer raised again the problems caused to our bank accounts because of the President being on the US Sanctions list. Following a long discussion, the Executive Board voted 37 to 20 with two abstentions requesting the President not to run in the next election.

The following are the Minutes relating to the Deputy President’s Report. Please see link here

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2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad Principals

Olympiad Logo


CHIEF ARBITER:   IA A’ Nikolopoulos, Takis (GRE)
DEPUTY CHIEF ARBITER:   IA B’ Salama, Omar (ISL): Open Section
    IA B’ Japaridze, Marika (GEO): Women Section
SECTOR ARBITER - OPEN SECTION:   IA D’ Kytharidis, Argiris (GRE)
    IA B’ Bailleul, Geert (BEL)
    IA A’ Anantharam R. (IND)
    IA A’ Abdulrahim, Mahdi (UAE)
    IA B’ Khaled, Hassan (EGY)
    IA D’ Martinez Garcia, Jose (MEX)
    IA D’ Asanov, Bolat (KAZ)
    IA B’ Tandashvili, Margarita (GEO)
    IA B’ Khairallah, Elias (LBN)
TAP:   Chairman: IA A’ Stubenvoll, Werner (AUT)
    Member: IA B’ Krause, Christian (GER)
    Member: Herzog, Heinz (AUT)
    Member: IA A’ Holowczak, Alex (ENG)
APPEALS COMMITTEE:   Chairman: IA Jorge Vega (GUA)
    Member: IA Hesham Elgendy (EGY)
    Member: Boris Kutin (SLO)

Olympiad website

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FIDE Newsletter May 2018

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Women's World Championship Match 2018 took place in Shanghai/Chongqing, China from 2nd of May 2018 to 20 of May 2018.

Official website:

Ju Wenjun became the new Women`s World Champion!

Part 01

Ju Wenjun made a draw with Tan Zhongyi in the last classical game of the Women`s World Chmpionship Match and became the 17th Women`s World Champion in the history of chess. She is also the 6th Chinese player who achieved this title. The final score in the match is 5.5:4.5. Despite of a very bad start in the Match Tan Zhongyi managed to win the 6th game and kept chances to tie the score in classical games until the last moment.

Part 05

Tan Zhongyi had to win the final game to level the score and secure a playoff, while Ju Wenjun needed to make a draw to win the Match. Tan Zhongyi who had Black pieces tried to surprise her opponent with the Hippopotamus Defence but it seems Ju Wenjun was well prepared and got an advantage out of the opening. Trying to create some conterplay Tan Zhongyi chose a risky line and ended up in a lost position. Despite having absolutely wining position Ju Wenjun decided to secure a draw and finish the game peacefully.

South American Junior U20 Championship 2018  took place from 12th of May 2018 till 20th May 2018 in Asunción, Paraguay.

The Paraguayan Chess Federation and Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA), organized the XIV South American Under 20 Chess tournament. The tournaments took place in Luque, Paraguay with 24 participants (Open 13 players, Girls 11 players) from six countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Paraguay.

Part 02

Part 03

Results for Open
1) IM Brian Escalante, Peru, 8.5
2) FM Christian Santiago, Peru. 7
3) Daniel Perez, Argentina. 5.5

Results for Girls

1) Kathie Librelato, Brazil, 8
2) WIM Javiera Gómez, Chile, 7.5
3) WCM Jessica Molina, Bolivia, 6.5

Photo Gallery

Part 04

Asian Universities Chess Championship 2018 took place in Tagaytay, Philippines from 26th May to 2nd June 2018.

Results for women

1. WANG Jue CHN 2366 7,5
2. QIU Mengjie CHN 2242 7,0
3. NIE Xin CHN 2233 6,5

Results for open 

1. TAHER Yoseph Theolifus INA 2375 7,0
2. XU Yi CHN 2526 6,5
3. ALI Muhammad Lutfi INA 2413 6,5

Photo Gallery

African Individual Chess Championships 2018 took place in Lusaka, Zambia from 11th May 24th May 2018.

African Individual Chess Championships 2018 were held from 12-22nd May in Warm Harbor Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia.

The organizers were the African Chess Confederation and the Chess Federation of Zambia.

30 players took part in the Open section and 22 in the Women section.

In the Open section the Egyptian players proved their dominance. GM Bassem Amin crushed the field with 8,5 out of 9. GM Ahmed Adly was second with 7 points and GM Essam El Gindy took third place with 6 points.

In the Ladies section the winner is WGM Shahenda Wafa (Egypt) with 8 pot of 9. Second is WFM Lorita Mwango (Zambia) with 6,5 points and with the same points third is WIM Sabrina Latreche (Algeria).

Bassem Amin also won the Blitz championship with 7/9 points. Just like Shahenda Wafa claimed victory in this event as well, with 8/9 points.

In the Rapid championship Ahmed Adly edged his compatriot Bassem Amin on tie-break to claim the first place. The two players finished on 8/9 points each.

FIDE events in June

World Cadet U8, U10, U12 Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2018

Minsk, Belarus



European Amateur Chess Championship 2018

Niksic, Montenegro



European School Chess Championship 2018

Krakow, Poland



American Continental, Classical, Rapid and Blitz Championships 2018

Montevideo, Uruguay



Central American & Caribbean Junior U20 Chess Championships 2018




19th ASEAN Age Group Chess Championships

Davao City, Philippines



Zone 4.2 Individual Championships

Djibouti City, Djibouti



Zone 4.1 Individual Championships

Bamako, Mali



African School Individual Chess Championships 2018



18th IPCA World Individual Chess Championship 2018

Prague, Czech Republic



Commonwealth Chess Championship 2018

New Delhi, India




43rd World Chess Olympiad in Batumi 2018


The Georgian Chess Federation and the Chess Olympiad Organizing Committee have the great honor to invite all FIDE member countries to the 43rd Batumi Chess Olympiad and the 89th FIDE congress to be held from 23rd of September till 6th of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.

Official website:

2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad Principals

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CAS dismisses appeal of IM Fernando Braga

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CAS dismisses appeal of IM Fernando Braga.

Download the Award (pdf).
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June 2018 FIDE Rating List

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FIDE publishes June 2018 FIDE Rating List. The list of top players is published at Top lists page of FIDE ratings website. All players can check new ratings at the main page of FIDE ratings website.
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FIDE reports Mr. Ilyumzhinov to the Ethics Commission

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To address inquiries and rumors that have come up in the press, FIDE Deputy President, Mr. Georgios Makropoulos, confirms that pursuant to the authorization provided by the FIDE Presidential Board by virtue of its decision at the 2018 1st Quarter Presidential Board meeting held 6 - 9 April, in Minsk, Belarus, a Report has been submitted to the FIDE Ethics Commission against FIDE President Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov under the provisions of the FIDE Code of Ethics.

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