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Task Force for the Reform of the FIDE Statutes


In February 2019 the newly established Task Force for the Reform of the FIDE Statutes started its operations. The main activities of this ambitious working group are related to a deep analysis of relevant FIDE documents, the team brainstorming, discussion and agreement on a new logical restructuring and clear terminology. During the whole process a regular communication with FIDE responsible people is a vital condition for preparing new FIDE Statutes to be approved by the respective FIDE General Assembly by the end of 2019. The main objective of the Task Force efforts is to recommend new FIDE Statutes to serve as a formal base for FIDE as a modern, lean, transparent and efficient sport organisation.

First meeting of the Task Force was held in Lausanne on 16-17 February 2019. During an intensive and creative discussion the members agreed on main pillars of the future FIDE Statutes, more clear and logical structure and suggestions leading to a modern and flexible management in line of a good and professional governance that should be one of first important signals to future potential sponsors and partners of a chess community. By the next meeting that was agreed to happen at the beginning of April again in Lausanne, the members agreed to come with a very first draft of the FIDE Statutes including with more detailed suggestions especially in the areas of Financial and Tournament Regulations. Of course relevant and not only financial and tournament stakeholders will be consulted during the work of the Task Force plus it was agreed to suggest to the Constitutional Commission to have a common plenary meeting at some reasonable point in order to finalise a good product.

Task FORCE2019

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FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich visited Guam

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FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich played the ceremonial first moves against Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio of Guam to mark the opening of the 2019 Zone 3.6 Championships being held here between February 18-23. 

The previous evening the Guam Chess Federation hosted a wonderful Welcome Dinner at the Star Pacific Hotel in Tumon which is the venue for the tournament. Addresses were given by Guam Chess President Roger Orio, The Honorable Alberto C. Lamorena III, Presiding Judge of Guam, Zhu Chen former Women’s World Champion and Paul Spiller, president of Zone 3.6.

The guests and players were entertained by the Natibu Dance Academy, guest singer Erica Faye S Tubera and the Flag Ceremony and national anthems were undertaken by the George Washington High School Colour Guard.







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Road to Candidates

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FIDE is pleased to inform that FIDE Presidential Board approved the Qualification system for the 2020 FIDE Candidates Tournament.

A. 1 place – 2018 FIDE World Championship Match, Runner up 
One place is reserved for GM Caruana: the runner-up of the 2018 World Championship Match.   

B. 2 places – 2019 FIDE World Cup 
Two places are reserved for the finalists of the 2019 FIDE World Cup. If GM Carlsen and/or GM Caruana is (are) among the finalists, the reserved place(s) is (are) awarded to the next non-qualifying player(s) of the 2019 FIDE World Cup.   

C. 1 place – 2019 FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament 
One place is reserved for the winner of the 2019 FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament. If the winner also qualifies via Clause A or B, or is GM Carlsen, the reserved place is awarded to the next non-qualifying player in the final standings.   

D. 2 places – 2019 FIDE Grand Prix Series 
Two places are reserved for the players who finish 1st and 2nd in the 2019 FIDE Grand Prix Series. If either one of these players also qualifies via Clauses A, B, or C, and/or is GM Carlsen, the reserved place(s) is (are) awarded to the next non-qualifying player in the final ranking.   

E. 1 place – Highest Average FIDE Rating (Standard Rating Lists, Feb. 2019—Jan. 2020) 
One place is reserved for the player with the highest average FIDE rating. For the purpose of deciding the qualifier, the average ELO rating from the twelve (12) FIDE Standard Rating Lists from February 2019 to January 2020 is used. In the event of a tie, the average is recalculated to the second decimal place. If the averages are still tied, the player with the greatest total number of rated games during the period earns the spot. If that player also qualifies via Clauses A, B, C or D or is GM Carlsen, the reserved place is awarded to the next non-qualifying player (based on the same criteria).   

In order to be eligible via Clause E, players should have 30 standard rated games played within twelve FIDE Standard Rating Lists from February 2019 to January 2020, including at least 18 standard rated games played within six (6) FIDE Standard Rating Lists from August 2019 to January 2020.   

If any of the qualifying players is unable to attend, his place is awarded to the next non-qualifying player (based on Clause E).   

F. 1 place – Player nominated by the Organizer 
The Organizer of the 2020 FIDE Candidates Tournament has the right to nominate a player who meets at least one of the following criteria (provided that he participates in at least two events listed below in b., c. and d.): 
a. The player from the top-10 players by average FIDE rating as per Clause E; 
b. The player placed third in the 2019 FIDE World Cup (if the third player is qualified - then the player placed fourth, but not any further); 
c. The best non-qualifying player from the 2019 FIDE Grand Swiss; 
d. The best non-qualifying player from the 2019 FIDE Grand Prix Series.

Full Regulations will be approved at the FIDE Presidential Board meeting in Astana.

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2019 FIDE World Cup Regulations

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FIDE is pleased to announce the 2019 FIDE World Cup Regulations that were approved by the Presidential Board.

Two players will qualify from this prestigious event to Candidates 2020.


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IMSA World Masters Championship-Hengshui, China 2019

IMSA ban

Qualifiers and reserve players according to the Regulations list, are invited to send in their registration form and a copy of their passport with validity for more than six months by email to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] before Thursday 28th February 2019 for the IMSA World Masters Championship 2019.

Download: Regulations for IMSA World Masters Championship 2019

Download: Registration form

All general queries should be addressed to [email protected]

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Isle of Man to host the FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament

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FIDE is pleased to award its inaugural Grand Swiss Tournament to the Isle of Man, after the bidding procedure that was closed on February 9, 2019.

The Grand Swiss will take place on the Isle of Man from October 7, 2019 (arrival day) to October 21, 2019 (departure day) in cooperation with

One qualification spot to the Candidates 2020 will be determined in the event. The prize fund of the tournament is 400,000 US dollars, with an additional 32,500 US dollars allocated as special women’s prizes.

A total of 160 players are expected to take part, of which 105 will be determined according to the published Grand Swiss Regulations, plus another 15 players nominated by FIDE according to the amendment to the regulations to be approved no later than March 31, 2019. A further 40 participants will be nominated by the organizers, including a number of top female players, some of the world's best young players, local players etc.

FIDE is grateful to the Isle of Man organizational team for the perfectly prepared application and is confident about an excellent organization of the tournament, that will probably be the strongest Swiss system tournament in the history of chess.

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Chess will be a candidate to join the Olympic Games in Paris 2024

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The President of the International Chess Federation Arkady Dvorkovich has officially launched a campaign for chess to be included as a sport at the Paris Olympic Games 2024. Alongside with the President of the French Chess Federation Bachar Kouatly, the French NOC President Mr. Denis Masseglia and officials of the Paris 2024 Organising Committee attended the ceremony. The attendees played some games with the International Master Sophie Millet, six times French Champion.

The official launch took place on Tuesday 12th February in Paris, the birthplace of the International Chess Federation, where it was founded on 20th July 1924. Paris was also the venue of the 1st international chess tournament organised by FIDE, an organization that has now affiliated federations from 189 countries.

Chess was an exhibition sport at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney but has never featured on the full programme. Dvorkovich, the former Russian Deputy Prime Minister who was also the head of organisation at the Soccer World Cup in 2018, hopes to make it happen this time. Paris 2024 are due to submit their recommendations for new sports before the International Olympic Committee Executive Board meets in Lausanne from March 26 to 28. The IOC Session in June will then offer provisional approval before the new additions are officially confirmed by the Executive Board in December 2020.

The inclusion of chess in the Olympics would be an outstanding symbolic gift for FIDE’s 100th anniversary in 2024.  

FIDE paris
FIDE Deputy President and President of French Chess Federation Bachar Kouatly, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, French NOC President Denis Masseglia

Arkady vs Sophie Milliet 6 times French champion
Arkady Dvorkovich vs Sophie Milliet 6 times French champion
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2019 FIDE World Team Championships: Invitation

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This is the official invitation to all National Chess Federations who are participating in the FIDE World Team Championship 2019, which will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, from the 4th of March (arrival) till the 15th of March (departure) 2019. The Championship will be organized and held by Kazakhstan Chess Federation and under the auspices of FIDE.

INVITATION for World Team Chess Championship 2019

INVITATION for Women's World Team Chess Championship 2019

More information here

Nominations of Principals for 2019 FIDE WTCC

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FIDE Women's Grand-Prix Press release


FIDE extends the deadline for bids
to organize the FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2019-2020.

FIDE received a number of requests from the organizers interested to hold the Women's Grand Prix 2019-2020 events. Some of them asked FIDE to extend the deadline for the formal bids in order to find additional sponsors and receive government support. Considering the best conditions for the participants as its priority, FIDE has decided to extend the deadline for the bids until February 26, 2019.

The final decision on the venues will be taken at the meeting of the FIDE Presidential Board on March 5-6, 2019.
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FIDE activities review by Chess Media

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The recent article at one of the biggest chess media websites shows positive reaction of Chess society to FIDE new Management activities in various fields and efforts to bring chess to a new level.

Please
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