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Can I make my moves from my mobile phone or PDA?

This article describes the mobile website.

How do I challenge a particular player to a game?

This article describes the various ways you can challenge another player to a friendly game.

How do I enter a move?

You can enter a move on the game page in two ways:

How do I start a game of chess?

First, you need to find an opponent!

How do the time controls work?

SchemingMind uses 'incremental' time controls…

I am new and I have a question about, Who can I ask?

Click 'Community>Forums>New Player Forum'

I just made a blunder. Can I take back a move?

Sorry, it's not possible to take moves back on

I tried to challenge somebody but it wouldn't let me, why not?

This can happen for several reasons…

Is there a list of the variants offered at Scheming Mind?

Also, what are the rules for these variants?

Is there a way to jump to the next waiting game after each move?

Yes, From the menu, select My Details > Personal Preferences.

Is there any way to see if a particular player is logged in to right now?


None of my opponents are replying to my moves, why not?

Remember that this is correspondence chess…

What are conditional moves?

Sometimes a move sequence is forced or expected (for example in agreed openings, or forced endgames). You can save time by suggesting a line of moves to your opponent who has one chance to accept this line of play.

What are mini-tournaments?

Mini-tournaments are 'all-play-all' tournaments for three to ten players. Only full members of can start mini-tournaments, but trial members can join them.

What do the green spots on the menu bar mean?

A green spot appears on the menu bar when there is an item below the highlighted menu which requires your attention. If you click the menu bar, the menu item is highlighted in bold.

What if I want to take a holiday (vacation)?

Just before you go away, you need to go to the holiday page (My Details > Holidays).

What is Xfcc?

Xfcc (XML Web Services for Correspondence Chess) is a set of Internet protocols for sending Correspondence Chess data over the Internet.

What's the Buddy List for, and how do I use it?

Over time, you may find you enjoy playing certain players again and again. The buddy list gives you a place to keep track of their names.

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