Nigel John Sheridan

NameNigel John Sheridan
User NameNJ Sheridan
Location Lochmaben, Scotland
Local Time1:17 AM
Date RegisteredTuesday, November 5, 2019
Last MoveFriday, December 18, 2020
Moves1,705 (0 this month)
Forum Posts3 (0 this month)
Rating (Standard Chess)1823 (204)
Rating (Chess960)1160 (306)
ICCF Rating1504


I'm a very young 56 year old, (well you have to be with my crazy 8 year old son), who used to play correspondance chess, before they developed this on-line internet stuff. I would rate myself as an okay player, who reads more about the game than actually puts into practice. However, much to my wife's amusement, I'm now trying to do the opposite and having a whale of a time putting my one rusty brain cell to better use.

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