Big Slow Tourney for Lazy or Busy People. Standard Chess

  Uzi Mike1½1111D11111111113½/1485.25
  The Stonewall2½111011111111112½/1477.75
  bull mccabe30011011111111111/1460
  Paul Clarkson500001D1101111119/1443
  Nouveau Laurent60D110D0D0D0D0D1111118/1443
  Olli Ylönen7000001D1D11011118/1436.5
  Mihir Chandrashekhar8000101D0D0½111117½/1433
  Raymond de Kemp11000000100½11115½/1418.5

About Tournament

Busy and can't move each day? This tournament has your name all over it. Come join and play a long lazy set of games.

Tournament Details


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