SC-Championship 2019 - Semifinal 9PSRR Standard Chess

1  Ramesh Panwar1½½½½1½115½/819.75
2  Keithk2½½½½½1½1D5/818
3  William Lindberg3½½½1½½½½4½/818
4  The Chess Machine4½½½½½1½½4½/817.25
5  frankly5½½0½1½½1D4½/816.5
6  Professor60½½½0½11D4/813.5
7  George Dimitrov7½0½0½½½½3/811.75
8  davidcook70½½½½0½½3/811.75
9  Jari Laine900D½½0D0D½½2/87.5

About Tournament

SEMIFINAL - Single Round Robin with 9 Participants:

KeithK 2544
Professor 2542
frankly 2538
Ramesh Panwar 2529
William Lindberg 2503
The Chess Machine 2493
Jari Laine 2488
George Dimitrov 2448
David Cook 2387

FIVE participants will advance to the FINAL (Double Round Robin), tiebreak for rank 5 is:
a) direct encounter b) lower start rating (see above)

Tournament Details

  • This is a single round robin tournament (one game against each of the other players).
  • One point is awarded for each win, half a point for a draw.
  • This is a private mini-tournament, which means that it is only open to players tagged by the tournanment organiser.
  • All games will be played under Standard Chess rules.
  • The time control is 'Standard' (30 days + 1 day/move, max 45 days).
  • This mini-tournament was started by spoke.
  • Games will be started before the closing date, as new players join the tournament.

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Black defaulted
Jari Laine
Black defaulted
Jari Laine
Jari Laine
White defaulted

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