A Pretty Big Chess 960 Knock-Out Chess960

Round One

BoardPlayer OneGameTie BreakPlayer Two
1 Robert Pallett 0Tie-break Game lupa7
 0Primary Game
2 Mekk 1Primary Game Olli Ylönen
 1Tie-break Game
3 Adrian Grajczak 1Tie-break Game Phillip Beckett
 1Primary Game
4 Houarzhon 0Tie-break Game Greg Magne
 0Primary Game
5 Clive Everill 1Primary Game Timaeus
 1Tie-break Game
6 Ingemar Assarsjö 0Tie-break Game sibelius
 0Primary Game
7 docjan 1Primary Game e_castle3
 1Tie-break Game
8 kubinet 1Tie-break Game ampp
 1Primary Game


BoardPlayer OneGameTie BreakPlayer Two
1 lupa7 1Primary Game Mekk
 1Tie-break Game
2 Adrian Grajczak ½Primary Game Greg Magne
 1Tie-break Game
3 Clive Everill 0Tie-break Game sibelius
 0Primary Game
4 docjan 1Tie-break Game kubinet
 1Primary Game


BoardPlayer OneGameTie BreakPlayer Two
1  lupa7 1Primary Game  Adrian Grajczak
 1Tie-break Game
2  sibelius 0Tie-break Game  docjan
 1DPrimary Game


BoardPlayer OneGameTie BreakPlayer Two
1  lupa7 1Primary Game  sibelius
 1Tie-break Game

About Tournament

can we get 16 players to make a tournament of this?? :-)

Tournament Details

  • This is a knockout tournament.
  • The primary and tiebreak games are assigned at random and hidden until both are completed.
  • This is a public mini-tournament, which means that it is open to all players meeting any criteria listed here.
  • Please note that this is a Chess Variant tournament, all games will be played under 'Chess960' rules - please do not enter unless you wish to play this chess variant.
  • The time control is 'Standard' (30 days + 1 day/move, max 45 days).
  • Games will be public.
  • This mini-tournament was started by Clive Everill.
  • Games will be started before the closing date, as new players join the tournament.

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