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Dark Suicide
'Standard' (30 days + 1 day/move, max 45 days)
This game is being played under Dark Suicide rules. Click the 'info' tab for more information.
1. e3 a6
Clock started on 5/3/2017
2. Bxa6 Rxa6 3. Qh5 Rxa2 4. Qxh7 Rxb2 5. Qxg7 Rxc2 6. Qxf7 Rxd2 7. Qxe7 Rxf2 8. Qxd7 Rxg2 9. Qxc7 Rgxh2 10. Rxh2 Rxh2 11. Qxc8 Qxc8 12. Ke2 Rxe2 13. Nxe2 Qxc1 14. Nxc1 Nc6 15. e4 Nd4 16. e5 Ne2 17. Nxe2 Ba3 18. Rxa3 Nf6 19. exf6 Kf7 20. Ra6 bxa6 21. Ng1 Kxf6 22. Nf3 Kf5 23. Nc3 Ke4 24. Nxe4 a5 25. Nd6 a4 26. Nf7 a3 27. N7e5 a2 28. Ne1 a1=N 29. Nf7 Nc2 30. Nxc2
Black win

(Under Construction)

This is one of the most bold of the Suicide Variants. The first thing you'll notice when you start a game is that you can only see half the board. This is because you can only see sqares in your "searchlight" (ie squares that your pieces can move to or attack.) The aim is the same as Suicide and Suicide960 (ie to be the first player to lose all of your pieces) and the rules are also the same (the play is like standard chess except that the king is not royal, if you have a legal capture you must make one, and pawns can promote to kings).

In the event of a stalemate (ie the player to move has no legal moves), the player with the fewest pieces left wins; if both players have the same number of pieces, then the game is a draw.


Example Games

In this game, between guiri1967 and Games Freak we can see that guiri1967 took real advantage of the loose rook, and essentially, won the game with it. This shows the importance of removing the back row pieces as quickly as possible. That problem is also shown here, with the Rook becoming a loose cannon.

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