2013 Chess Variants Dropout Tournament

Not Eliminated

PlayerMP3 ChksAtomic 960ExtinctRacg KingsAlice1Bendct 960Ckn 960
3 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP
9 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP
 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP


PlayerMP3 ChksAtomic 960ExtinctRacg KingsAlice1Bendct 960Ckn 960
15 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP
15 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 3MP
15 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP
 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
18 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 3MP
 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP
15 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
15 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
 3MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 
15 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 
 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
16 1MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 
 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 
16 3MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 1MP 3MP 
 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 
19 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 
 1MP 3MP 3MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 
15 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP  
 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP  
15 3MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP  
 3MP 0MP 0MP 3MP 3MP  
15 0MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP  
 3MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 3MP  
16 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 3MP  
 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP 1MP  
16 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 0MP  
 3MP 3MP 3MP 1MP 3MP  
18 0MP 0MP 3MP 0MP 3MP  
 3MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 3MP  
18 3MP 0MP 0MP 0MP 3MP  
 3MP 0MP 3MP 3MP 3MP  
15 3MP 3MP 0MP 0MP   
 3MP 3MP 0MP 3MP   

About this tournament

Start date: 2/14/2013 12:00 AM

Tournament director: spoke

Dropout threshold: 15

Please note that this is a Chess Variant tournament - please do not enter unless you are interested in playing these variants. The time controls used in this tournament will be '10+1' (ten days plus one day added for each move).

General rules for dropout tournaments

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