the Sombrero Tournament

Start Position: 852
'Standard' (30 days + 1 day/move, max 45 days)
This game is being played under CrazyHouse960 rules. Click the 'info' tab for more information.
1. g3 c6
Clock started on 3/26/2018
2. f4 g6 3. c3 Nd6 4. d4 Nf6 5. e4 Nc4 6. Qf3 e6 7. Bd3 b5 8. Bxc4 bxc4 9. Qg2 [email protected]+ 10. Kc2 Ba6 11. h3 h5 12. hxg4 Nxg4 13. Ngf3 [email protected] 14. e5 Bb5 15. [email protected] Bc7 16. Bxa8 Ba6 17. [email protected] Bc8 18. Bb7 Ke7 19. Bxc8 Rxc8 20. [email protected]+ f6 21. exf6+ Kf7 22. [email protected]+ Kg8 23. [email protected]+ Kf8 24. Nxd7#
White win


This variant combines the swashbuckling attacking play of CrazyHouse with the randomized intial positions from Chess960.

1. Game rules

The initial position is randomly chosen as in Chess960. To summarize, the pawns are placed on their standard starting sqares, and the other pieces are placed in random order on the first rank, subject to the following constraints:

  • The king is placed somewhere between the two rooks.
  • The bishops are placed on opposite-colored squares.
  • The black pieces are placed equal-and-opposite the white pieces.

Castling is allowed, the castling rules are the same as in Chess960 (after castling king and rook stay as in normal chess).

Pieces you capture become yours to use as you wish on a future turn (and vice versa for your opponent). Instead of your normal move, you can "drop" a captured piece anywhere on the board, including checking the king. Pawns cannot be dropped on the 1st or 8th rank, and if a promoted pawn is captured, it reverts back to a pawn.


2. Game hints

All the suggestions from the CrazyHouse article, are valid here.

In many Chess960 setups, there are weak or undefended squares on the 6th or 7th rank. Those are good candidates to be used while developing an attack, while you should be very aware of weaknesses in your own defense. This game is an extreme example of how ignoring this hint can lead to very short games.


3. Example games

The Queen problem - both sides face 960-characteristic problems with queen development, then exploit weak squares around the kings while unleashing crazyhouse-style attacks,

Exploit weaknesses - another interesting battle.

Still to be added

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